How to: Simple Day Makeup Tutorial

One of the big requests I get on my snapchat is for a tutorial for my "daytime" makeup look. I finally got the chance to film a video for you on this topic so I hope you like it! This is not something I wear every day, but it is my go-to makeup for any daytime event where I want to look polished and glowing but not overdone. It takes a lot longer to film and do simultaneously, but in real life this look only takes about 10-15 minutes! I linked all products used below.


*Tip*: Watch in HD for best video quality (select via gear icon on bottom right)! Or watch on my YouTube Channel here.



If you have any other tutorial requests, please let me know! (I do have a skincare vid coming at some point). I have so much fun making these for you guys so any help on what you'd love to see next would be awesome!

(I promise I will get less awkward and better at keeping the vids short as I go)

Thanks for watching, ladies!