The Women's Strength Summit

You guys, I'm SO excited for this event that is getting put together by my friend Steph of Stupid Easy Paleo! Not only is it totally groundbreaking and guaranteed to rock your world, it's free! There's no reason not to sign up for this goodness.

So what is it, exactly? Here's the low down:

Over 30 female coaches, experts, doctors, thought leaders, and athletes are going to show you everything you need to know as a woman when it comes to getting the strongest body, mind, and spirit possible.  Leaders in Crossfit, fitness, health, diet, and general kickassery are here to help you level up and help you be your best you. It's designed by women for women, and we are pretty pumped about that!

Big names like Jen Sinkler, Emily Schromm, Molly Galbraith, Danielle Natoni, Dr. Theresa Larson, Jill Coleman, Coach Prime, Dr. Jolene Brighten, Julie Foucher, Jenny LaBaw, Neghar Fonooni, Summer Innanen, Erin Brown, Noelle Tarr, Kortney Olson, Jarrett Arthur, Kate Galliett, Steph Greunke, Diane Fu, and lots more.

The event is called the Women's Strength Summit, and it kicks off March 1 online, which means you don't even have to leave your house to enjoy it. 

The event is broken down into 2 main interwoven concepts; Strong Mind & Strong Body, which are basically two of our favorite things to talk about over here at She Thrives!

Here's a sample of some of the speakers' presentations:

Track 1: Strong Body

  • No Gym Required: How to Get the Best At-Home Workouts Ever (Danielle Natoni)
  • Using Biofeedback To Customize Your Workout: The Ultimate in Listening to Your Body (Jen Sinkler)
  • Maintaining Strength Before, During and After Baby: Advice for Moms and Moms-To-Be (Steph Greunke, RD)
  • Understanding Female Hormones & How to Find Balance for Better Health & Body Composition (Dr. Jolene Brighten)
  • How to Get Mega-Strong with Powerlifting Plus Tips for Your First Competition (JVB)
  • How to Bust Through Plateaus and See Growth at Every Phase of Training (Molly Galbraith)

Track 2: Confident Mind

  • How to Remix Your Body Image So You Can Start Loving Your Body (Summer Innanen)
  • Moderation 365: How to Have Your Cake & Still Meet Your Strength & Body Goals, Too (Jill Coleman)
  • How to Feel Good In Your Own Skin: Tips for Turning Inward to Find Peace (Erin Brown)
  • How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind to Banish Bad Habits, Break Through Sticking Points & Achieve Your Goals (Chel Hamilton)
  • Calm Your Mind: How to Incorporate Yoga and Breath Work to Beat Stress and Get Stronger (Maris Degener)
  • Creating the Mind of a Competitor: How to Handle Any Situation with Cool and Calm So You Can Perform Your Best (Dawn Fletcher)

I don't know about you, but I seriously can't wait to hear these incredible speakers! She Thrives fans, this is right up your alley, so we encourage you to take a minute and sign up. It's going to be awesome!

It all starts March 1. Learn more about it and grab your free ticket here!