Calling All Bloggers + Side Hustlers: Let's Work Together!

Small Biz Consult for She Thrives for Entrepreneurs bloggers and online biz owners

Trivia time: one thing you might not know about me is I'm actually a HUGE marketing nerd. Like, big time. I absolutely cannot get enough of learning the ins and outs of entrepreneurship and how to run an online business, and it's something I've studied at great lengths for many years.

It also just so happens to be something that YOU ask me about all the time. I get so many questions on starting a blog, or beginning health coaching, or offering some online service to help make people healthier, happier or stronger.

You want to know: Where do I start? What's important for me to focus on now and what can be done later? How do I do this efficiently? Will it be worth it?

And to me, this is just another natural extension of empowering women: this time, to be their own boss and live a life they love.

So that's why I am SO EXCITED to be offering a new service to all of you budding bloggers, biz owners, and entrepreneurs, where we can roll up our sleeves, do some big work and get serious about your passion. It's something I've actually wanted to do for a LONG time: a small biz consultation. But that sounds kinda boring- it's actually really fun. Here's some info:

We'll go through your online presence, goals, vision, questions, and more and break things down into bitesize, actionable steps to help you kick start your dream right now.

Some of the things I'll help you with:

  • Nailing down your brand, your voice, and your messaging to attract your ideal client.
  • Optimizing your social media channels to be sure you are reaching the people you want, while growing your exposure.
  • Lessons on effective social media marketing strategies.
  • Tweaking your site to reflect you, your business and your personality.
  • 1:1 Q+A time to address all things online biz:
    • How to create, market and sell your online service
    • How to create passive income
    • How to create raving fans
    • How to develop content creation and promotional calendar plans

Are you ready to cawfee tawk all things biz and turn your passion into a (profitable) business!?Cuz I'm SO ready to help you.

Wondering if this is right for you and want to ask me some Q's first? Drop me a line and let's chat!


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