August Favorites: What I'm Obsessed With Right Now


How is it September already, someone please help me understand?! This summer flew by, partly because I was hard at work on my upcoming food and mindset course, THE NUTRITION LAB (more details coming REAL soon!), but also because, well, what summer doesn't seem to fly by? Here's the stuff that I've been really into lately, from the gym to the kitchen to home to office and more. Enjoy!



HANDS DOWN the best protein I've ever tasted. I've always been a fan of their products and used their protein for years, but after doing the Vanilla for a few months, I switched back to chocolate, and this stuff tastes like straight YooHoo. Just rich, chocolatey goodness.

It's only 3 ingredients, it's made by a rad company, and I truly can't get enough! 

P.S. Use code SHETHRIVES for 10% off your order!

WHO EVEN AM I THO. If you told me two years ago that I would actually enjoy a spin class, I would have laughed right in your face. But here we are, folks. If you're local to Seattle, this place is worth popping in and checking out.

It's got a more personal and less intimidating vibe than some of the bigger box cycle studios,  is squeaky clean and ultra modern, and the staff is awesome. Oh yeah and you're guaranteed to get s great sweat sesh in to boot!




New shoes alert! I just got myself  pair of these new Nano 7 Weaves because I heard so much great stuff about them. 

After wearing them and breaking them in for about a month, I can say that YES, I agree with the hype. 

Super sturdy and flat (great for box jumps, deads, barbell work, etc, not so great for running), and comfy, which is really all I ever care about, let's be honest.

Bonus! Reebok is currently running a Labor Day sale! Use code SAVEMORE at checkout.




I was way slow on the uptake with this one. it seems like the whole world already has this, but I still wanted to share, because I do truly love it!

This little gadget gets your skin cleaner than clean, and the best part is that it properly preps your skin for absorption of those expensive lotions and potions that go on after cleansing-- it really lets them sink in and do their job.

I can definitely tell when I've gone a while without using this, so I try to use it once a day!

Sometimes concealers with good coverage end up being extra drying and making your delicate under eyes not so happy, but more moisturizing concealers either don't cover well or slip and slide all over your face.

This concealer is the best of both worlds: ultra silky and hydrating, but stays put and has great coverage.

Just bought myself a new tube today, actually! Love this stuff and highly recommend. (I wear the shade Fair)




Ok so I know I included this a couple months ago, but! Back then you could only buy these blends as a set, and you can NOW buy them individually. Yippee!

If you follow me on Snap or Instagram, you KNOW how much I use these blends. They are seriously awesome for making quick, simple meals taste like a million bucks.

My favorite flavors are Diner (for eggs), Mega Med (for chicken and tuna salad), and Greek (for salad dressings and other bright punchy flavor combos).

So I've developed a serious popcorn snacking habit, and it's delicious. I was eating Boom Chicka Pop brand for a while, until I realized that, hey, I'm eating an awful lot of this, and I don't like consuming that much seed oil or industrial oil, so maybe let's find an alternative?

This popcorn is made with avocado oil (yay!) and it's delicious to boot! (They also make a coconut oil version but I don't love that one). And just like that, my popcorn game just got a whole lot healthier.


That's it! What are you obsessed with these days? Anything out there I need to try? Let me know in the comments!


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