October Favorites: What I'm Loving Right Now


Happy November! Not gonna lie, November might be my favorite month of the year. Not only does it house my birthday (11/11), it also has my favorite holiday: Thanksgiving. And it's month number 11, which is obviously my lucky number. SO all around, I love me some November.

This little round up is some of the things I've been digging lately, and I hope you enjoy! What are YOU loving lately? Leave me a comment and let me know!




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These glasses have been a life saver to me lately. Or more like an eye saver. The looonngg days of staring at a computer screen working have made my eyes not so happy, but these glasses block the blue lights edited by our devices and therefore help cut down strain. They also have a slight magnification, and I don't computer without them.

I have the Turing style in amber toffee.




I have two products from this makeup collection in here this month because I am beyond obsessed with them. Two of my favorites makeup artists to follow released this collection with Dose of Colors, and this eye shadow palette is a serious standout. 

These aren't your run of the mill, boring neutral shades, but instead wildly pigmented, super reflective, dynamic and interesting colors that are amazing any time of year. It's all I reach for when I am doing my makeup these days!

(I think I'm going to have a tutorial video coming soon using this...)

This is the other product from this line that  you probably (really) need asap. You know I am a connoisseur of highlights, and this one is GOOD, ladies.

It's not as "sparkly" as some, but allows for a crazy beautiful build up. The golden tones look natural and it just gives you a seriously beautiful glow. Do it!

If you follow me on Snapchat, you know that I have a tendency to take my anxiety out on my skin. I pick at it even though I shouldn't, and let me tell you, THIS little guy is the reason you probably never guessed my dirty little secret.

If I have a blemish, the remains of that spot may last quite a while, living as a dark spot of hyper pigmentation on my face for weeks or months. But this stuff helps it go away SO fast-- it's name is no joke. It brightens dark spots up in only a couple days or week(s) with regular use, and I cannot recommend it enough! It will ALWAYS be in my arsenal. 

(I mentioned it in my recent SKINCARE post if you want more of my favorites!)




Another add to the #shethrivesbookclub!

This was a quick but great read about, you guessed it, obstacles. It dabbles a little in history and philosophy, but there were lots of Aha moments for me in this one, and thought it was impactful.

If you're struggling with some sort of block or perceived limitation, or just want a reminder that you can fucking do the damn thing, this is a great read.


That's it! What are you loving these days? Anything out there I need to try? Let me know in the comments!


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