Do Gyms Intimidate You? They Used to Scare Me Too

If you told me 5 years ago that the gym would be my place of both work and play, that I'd spend my days throwing barbells around and teaching people how to move well and get strong, all while wearing spandex day in and day out, I would've laughed right in your face.

Gyms made me wildly uncomfortable. If I had to go, I'd wear the baggiest stuff I owned, and I certainly wasn't anywhere *near* knowing what I was doing. I'd hide in the corners and untangle my headphones 40 times and maybe run on the treadmill for a little because that's what the girls always seemed to do, but only if I could find one in the back of the room where no one could see how much my body jiggled when I ran. The whole experience front to back was scary, stressful, far from fun, and clearly not for me. Man, how times have changed.

Ladies, I need you to know this. 👉 The gym IS FOR YOU, if that's where you want to be. Though it can be intimidating at first, I don't want you to ever believe that this space can't be yours, for any reason. That you can't someday learn how to barbell and feel comfortable (confident, even!) walking around in yoga pants, or even teach other people how to do the same, if that's what you want.

Never let anyone make you feel like you aren't ready, worthy, or welcome in these spaces, no matter where you're coming from or what you look like. Keep showing up and own that shit.