The KB Swing Mistakes I See All the Time & How to Fix Them

Kettlebell work (and especially the swing) is pretty mainstream these days, and people everywhere are doing them-- from the 24 Hour Fitness goers, to CrossFitters, the at-home fitnessers and everything in between.

It's sort of a misleading move because it seems intuitive and simple (just use your hips to swing the bell up as high as you can, right?), but there's actually a few important components and tweaks that will ensure you're not only doing this move SAFELY, but efficiently.

As a CrossFit coach, I tend to see the same handful of mistakes over and over again with athletes, so I wanted to address the top 5 here today. And full disclosure, after filming the errors for this video, my back hurt for about 2 days. (It's fine it'll be ok I promise!) But that's a huge sign that if you're making any of these mistakes, chances are, your back isn't happy about it.

Are you making any of theses mistakes? I hope this video helps make your KBS stronger than ever, and if it helps at all, please leave a comment and let me know!

And hey ps: thanks, fam, for your patience as I learn how to make these how-to videos for you! I'm learning as I go here so I appreciate you comin' along with me! :)


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