How That Sweeping Diet Overhaul is Working Against You

How That Sweeping Diet Overhaul is Working Against You | SHE THRIVES

I know the feeling: it's almost a rush of adrenaline and excitement, mixed with sheer determination and anticipation. Today is the day you're changing your life!

You've put a stake in the ground and decided that you're ready to commit for good this time, and you are dedicated to doing whatever needs to be done in order to achieve your health goals. You're fired up, feeling motivated AF and ready to tackle this-- for real.

And why play small here? After all shouldn't your change be reflective of your level of determination?

Plus you're an all-or-nothing type, especially when it comes to food, so it's go big or go home time.

"I do declare that from this day forward I will now start eating breakfast, be a vegan, track my macros, hit 100g of protein every day, stop eating sugar, go paleo, drink more water, stop eating carbs, start 6 new supplements, and do a Whole30 for 90 days!"

That aught to do it, right?

I hope your'e sitting down.

The reason you've felt defeated, disappointed, devoid of willpower and unable to stick to anything you've tried before, is because these massive, sweeping, (albeit mostly well intentioned), top to bottom health overhauls are actually a trap.

These extreme cycles are not only exhausting and draining, but they aren't giving you a fighting chance for lasting change. See exhibit A:


Super motivated! > Changes everything > Motivation fades > Why is this so hard > I can't do this, I'll never hit my goals > Eats all the things (#fuckit) > Gets tired of feeling less than awesome > Super motivated!


This is one of the biggest things I teach in my 6 week food + mindset course, THE NUTRITION LAB. Getting out of this cycle can take WORK, but it’s 100% doable, and I show you exactly how in this course.

So what's a girl to do instead? Though it might not be as sexy as the pantry clean out and swearing off dessert for the next 60 days, the answer lies in the small, subtle, MANAGEABLE behaviors and micro-goals you make to your meals, your day, your mindset, and your overall health.

The little things that seem almost too easy to accomplish, but you know you can do. Starting with baby steps, while slowly and patiently adding other step when the previous step is mastered, is the key to SUSTAINABLE shifts in your diet, fitness and overall health.

If you're looking for a little guidance on what these steps look like or how to go about this more gentle approach to creating change, I've got something you're gonna like:

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