Upgrade Your Health Goals: Instead of a Goal Weight, Try This

Upgrade Your Health Goals: Instead of Chasing a Goal Weight, Try This | SHE THRIVES

The new year is here and resolutions are in the air. I don't know the actual statistic is on this, but it's no secret that an overwhelming amount of Americans (especially women) tend to have some sort of health goal among their resolutions.

Usually, it boils down to losing weight, losing body fat, or hitting a "goal weight". And I've certainly been part of this group before, so no shade if that's where your focus currently is!

It's always ok to have aesthetic goals or to want to change the way you look-- far be it from me to tell you what you should want for yourself. But today I want to offer you little tip that will completely upgrade your health goals and add sustainability to your pursuit, and overall serve YOU so. much. more. deeply.

Instead of setting and chasing a "goal weight", try this: set and chase a "goal feeling".

What do I mean by that, exactly? Well, it will take a little bit of brainstorming on your behalf to think about how you REALLY want to feel, but it's worth the effort. This is Step 1 of the process.

How do you want to FEEL? Here are some examples to get you started:

Vibrant. Happy. Powerful. Sexy. Strong. Confident. Graceful. Balanced. Grateful. Healthy. Empowered. Radiant.

Upgrade Your Health Goals: Instead of Chasing a Goal Weight, Try This | SHE THRIVES

Think of a word (or three! There are no rules here!), and when you've got it nailed down, you're ready for Step 2. Ask yourself:

What can I do right now to feel the way I want to feel?

So often we think that in order to feel a certain way, we've got to wait until the feeling strikes us to be able to take action towards our goals. Like we need to feel motivated first, and then we'll get it done. Like we need to feel happy or in a good mood, and then we'll go work out. Like we need to feel like we're in a nurturing, self-caring space, and then we'll eat better.

This thinking that a feeling will inspire us to action is flawed. In reality, ACTION INSPIRES FEELING. Meaning, you've gotta do something to achieve that feeling.

Step 3 is (you guessed it) doing the damn thing.

So when you want to feel motivated, you need to get up and do it, whether you want to or not. The mere act of doing it will inspire a feeling of accomplishment that will have you asking, what's next? (Cue the sweet, sweet wave of momentum).

When you want to feel strong, do something that makes you feel strong: lift some heavy weights, hold warrior for 3 minutes, run as fast as you can!

When you want to feel healthy, feed yourself all  the nourishing foods, drink your water like you're getting paid to do it, and get your precious sleep.

Can you see how this mindset will allow you to be TRULY nourishing yourself in real, tangible ways, versus you feeling like you can't have any yummy food because you're "on a diet"?

You're putting the POWER back in your hands, and you're crafting your reality. You're making your actions align with your goals, and most importantly, in a way that's TRULY serving you.

And here's the most important part: you've got to do this stuff regularly. So not just one lifting session and then waiting for motivation to strike again. Not just one nourishing meal until you crave veggies again. Nah. 

Decide on your goal feeling and stick the f*ck to it. Take action towards that feeling as regularly as you possibly can, and there will be a point in time, that might just be so subtle you fail to even notice it lapse, where instead of you, purposefully crafting the feeling of 'strong' or 'healthy', you actually become those things.

It's the most insane magic trick you could ever possibly pull on yourself and it is so much damn fun. WAY more fun than chasing a number on your scale, I promise.

Upgrade Your Health Goals: Instead of Chasing a Goal Weight, Try This | SHE THRIVES


Instead of weighing yourself every day, chasing a body fat percentage or pant size (which do nothing to reflect your actual state of health, fitness, worth, happiness or quality of life, by the way), UPGRADE YOSELF.

Because the truth is, how you feel IS your happiness, your health, and your quality of life. And you might just find that by chasing a goal feeling, your other goals will fall into place.

After all, you'll be acting with intention, you'll be serving your body and your mind, and you'll be pursuing something that sends endless ripples of positivity and empowerment into every area of your life. Versus, a meaningless number on your jeans or scale.

You'll not only be taking your life and happiness into your own hands, but you'll be seeking change out of a place of LOVE for yourself, instead of fear or shame.

It's a win/win.

So I ask you: How do you want to feel?

What can you do right now to feel the way you want to feel?

Chase that goal feeling and see what becomes possible for you in 2018.