3 Sneaky Things Causing Your Breakouts

Three Sneaky Things Causing Your Breakouts | SHE THRIVES

Ok before we get this started, it’s important that we establish this: breakouts are normal, and every single human on earth gets blemishes or zits. You are not alone with having skin issues, and I definitely don’t want you to think that you must achieve skin perfection, or if that’s even possible?

Part of loving ourselves means embracing the skin we’re in— literally. And it will never, ever be the “perfection” you see on magazines, so let’s not compare ourselves to that, k? Breakouts are normal.

However, I know that feeling when you’ve got a big event, interview, or moment, and your skin just doesn’t want to cooperate with you. Or when you’ve been trying all sorts of potions and regimens but just can’t seem to figure out what is upsetting your skin. That shit can be super frustrating, so I wanted to key you in on 3 unexpected things that might be causing or contributing to your skin issues.




If you're regularly working up a sweat, sometimes all that goodness can create a layer of grime on our face that we aren’t noticing. But the answer isn't to go in with Lysol and steel wool. So how do you get all the sweat and ick off without drying the shit out of our skin? I recommend doing the following:

-Use an oil cleanser (this and this are my faves) on your dry skin to remove all surface level makeup, sweat or grime without stripping your natural oils.

-Follow with either another gentle cleanser (I like this one), or an alcohol free toner (this is my go-to). Even when I think my skin is clean, going over it gently with toner and a cotton pad reveals all the residue that was still there.

Pro tip: Avoid harsh chemicals or using two very heavy duty or exfoliating cleansers back to back. Over-cleansing or using too harsh products will dry out your skin and stimulate more oil production, which will ultimately lead to (you guessed it) breakouts. I only double cleanse or exfoliate a couple times a week.



Do people even talk on their phones anymore? K so it might not be your phone, but consider ALL the other things that are casually coming in contact with your skin during the course of the day: your hands (alllll day long), your makeup brushes, any cleansing tools (brushes, washcloths, towels), your pillowcase, etc. How often do you clean those things? Don’t tell me, cuz I think I know (eek!). The bacteria hanging out there could be the sneakiest culprit of all to your breakouts. 

Pro tip: Have convos on speaker phone, wash your pillowcases weekly, clean your makeup brushes on the regular, and make sure all your cleansing tools and fabrics are regularly sanitized. Bottom line: if it’s coming into contact with your skin or face, it should be ACAP (as clean as possible).



Yup, it’s true. Your diet can play a big role in the health and quality of your skin. This one can be tricky because different foods affect different people, so you have to do your own research to figure out what’s affecting you. However, some of the most common offenders are dairy and eggs, and then most inflammatory foods like gluten or grains, soy, industrial oils (canola, sunflower, soybean), and sometimes sugar can be causing skin issues as well.

(Your diet can also contribute to other skin issues like eczema and psoriasis, so it can be a great place to experiment with if you suspect it's related).

Try a mini elimination diet to help you discover the culprit. Spend some time (a week or so) without one of the foods listed above and see if your issue clears up, and pay special attention to the day or two following your reintroduction.

Pro tip: adding in things like collagen and probiotics to your diet (that's already rich in vegetables, healthy fats and alllll the water) go a long way to support healthy, happy skin (my favorite supplement is the Vital Protiens Beauty Greens that I add to my daily smoothie). And sometimes the thing you skin likes the most is a little bit of au natural vitamin D (read: sunshine).


I hope you liked these tips! Want more? I shared my full skincare routine with you recently, I have a run down of my current favorites here, and you might also like these: