Greece Vlog Part 1: Mykonos

GREECE 2018 Vlog Part 1: Mykonos

We loved this island! It's sort of the Vegas of the Greek islands and as such, it was a fun AF way to kick off our vacation before we calmed things down a bit on the other islands. 

We did not rent a car here (except for one afternoon) because our hotel was right on the outskirts of town-- so we walked almost everywhere. Mykonos Town is simply enchanting.. the white winding little streets that go on forever, the clothes drying on lines overhead, the painted doors and stray cats everywhere.. it was so dreamy.

We went out to beaches 3 of the 5 days we were there: one day we rented a car, and the other two days we took the public bus, which was actually very easy to navigate, super cheap, and aside from the scary ass roads and driving, a totally pleasant experience. (Greece had just passed some new regulation about needing an international driver's license to rent ATVs so we couldn't do that).

(If you are venturing out to Paradise or Super Paradise, I'd recommend the bus. Things get LIT out there and you won't want to be driving back home. Trust).




Villa Varnalli: Would definitely recommend. Perfect location, excellent service, great room. 10/10, loved it.



Paradise: The beach itself wasn't anything wildly spectacular, but the party is really real here! We hung out at the Tropicana: Go go dancers, the most insane sound system you've EVER heard, free shots getting passed around, oh my. We were just at the beginning of the season for our trip so it wasn't as crazy as it gets, but we had fun! Apparently if you show up here at midnight, you're right on time to kick off the fun. The party on this beach starts around 3pm and doesn't end until the sun comes up!

Super Paradise: We stayed away from the cabana and music here and opted instead for a quiet little piece of sand down the beach (not sure this exists in high season here-- I think the whole stretch is filled with chairs). But this beach was gorgeous!! Such beautiful blue water, plus a floating dock to jump off of. Worth a visit for sure!



Nice n Easy: Gluten Free, in town, right by the water and the windmills.

Nikolas Taverna: It's a tough call but this was maybe the best Greek salad we had the whole trip. Wish we had more food there, everything looked and smelled incredible. It's a 5 minute stroll from Paraga Beach.

Bakalo: Also had GF options (including those gf cheese dumplings omggg) and some of the best shrimp saganaki and tzaziki we had the whole trip. Not too far from the bus station in Town.

Mamalouka: A little nicer/fancier, open air seating, and completely delicious food. Would definitely recommend for a nice night out! In town.

Veranda: Got drinks here up on a cozy little balcony overlooking the water in Mykonos Town.

Absolute: This is the hotel we went to on our last night for drinks and had a killer view of the sunset and ocean.



I decided to try some bread on this trip and actually ended up eating it almost every single day we were there.

Not only is the gluten in Europe a different animal (most gluten-sensitive people find it doesn't affect them as badly as the stuff here in the US), but I also brought digestive enzymes with me and would pop these at any meal I was going to eat gluten.

With these two things said, I never got stomach pain. Though I did still get some significant distention-- oddly though, it always seemed to be on a severe delay (like 5-7 hours later), vs the immediate reaction I would get without any enzymes at home.

Was it worth it? Uh fuck yes. Am I back to living gluten free? Uh double fuck yes. Cuz that's just how I feel my best.


P.S. If you are wondering about any swimsuits or outfits in this video, I've got you covered: check out this post.


We go to the island of Milos (our favorite from the whole trip), go sailing and spelunking in caves, explore the most gorgeous beaches in all of Greece, and finish up our amazing trip on Santorini.

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