Greece Vlog Part 2: Milos + Santorini

Greece Vlog Part 2: Milos + Santorini | SHE THRIVES

Did you catch Part 1?

This is the rest of our absolutely INCREDIBLE trip to Greece, on the islands of Milos and Santorini.

Milos is famous for having the best beaches in all of Greece, so naturally, we had to go there.

We stayed in an Airbnb in Klima that was awesome, albeit a little off the beaten path. 

The highlight of our trip was a day sail we took with Polco Sailing -- our captains were so sweet  and one of them was even a CrossFitter! Pretty amazing to be floating in the middle of the Agean sea on the other side of the world with a bunch of strangers and talking about Murph.

Milos was our favorite island of all three that we visited on the trip, though they all were slightly different with different vibes and to-do's.

Every piece of footage and photo from my iPhone from Santorini got lost (apparently my iCloud stopped updating as soon as we arrived, and my phone died and had to be Reset). But we still pieced together a fun vlog for you with what we had from that gorgeous island in the clouds.

Enjoy Part 2!