The Weight You Need to Lose in Order to Truly Like Yourself


Answer me this: Do you believe that the thing standing between you and radical self love... is a few pounds?

While there is nothing (I repeat: NOTH.👏ING👏!) wrong with changing how your body looks, my question to you is this:

If we went deep— like deep deeeep down — is what you really want from a physique change... actually a FEELING?

My bet would be that it is. Cuz spoiler alert: everything we do is because we want to feel a certain way, period.

So. Is what you’re REALLY after confidence? Self love? Acceptance, an end to the inner war? To feel valuable, desired, worthy?

Do you dream that all those golden feels will arrive like the free gift with purchase once you hit your goal weight?

If so, hear this:

If what you’re REALLY seeking with a physique change is actually a FEELING — the physique you got now ain’t the problem, my love.

Real talk. How can you honestly expect to be hashtag blessed with the unconditional self love and self acceptance you’ve been pining for, if it’s only arriving to you via a fucking SIZE?

Isn’t that building your own self approval out of sand? Isn’t that inherently *conditional* love?

But I get it. We know that *something* has to change for our mindset to change (otherwise we’d be there already, right?), and in this culture, it’s par for the course to make our bodies bear that burden.

It’s not your fault for thinking that your body is the culprit in how you feel now, or the savior to how you WANT to feel later, or for thinking the two things are even related at all.

But I’ve got some news, and I say this with love:

The weight keeping you from radical self love? It’s NOT on your body.

The weight of your outdated internal narratives and limiting beliefs about who you are and what makes you good enough that you’ve been carrying around for years and informing your fears + motives that btw DON’T EVEN BELONG TO YOU.

Once you can shed THAT weight? You’re free.

And FUCK does it feel good.

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