The Two Words That Can Dissolve Your Fear


I’ve been scared my whole life.

Scared of everything.

Scared of being left behind
Scared of being too much
Scared of not being enough
Scared of the unknown
Scared of certainty
Scared of strangers
Scared of the dark

All of it. Living in fear.

And yet in the face of all this fear, I’ve found myself quietly intoxicated by the enormous power of two simple words.

Two words that take the squeezing, tightening, isolating, angry pressure of fear, and split it open into a beaming expanse of light, warmth and possibility:

What If.

I’m afraid I’ll be left behind. What if my path was my own?

I’m afraid I am too much. What if this bigness allows someone else to be big too?

I’m afraid of not knowing what’s coming. What if it was exactly what I’ve been hoping for?

✨What if it all goes well?
✨What if I am enough?
✨What if I am strong enough to handle this?

Fear will always show you one side, and it does it well. It will paint it vividly, darkly.

Everything that can go wrong, every way you will fail, every way it will hurt, the way you will be left alone to pick up the pieces.

It will all go wrong.

But ‘what if’ begs you to consider an alternate ending. ‘What if’ helps you stand taller, even in the face of fear. ‘What if’ reminds you that there’s always another way.

⚡️What if it all goes RIGHT?

Whenever I find myself getting pulled back into the cold shadows of my fear, I hear the whisper of these two simple words and I let myself warm to their presence.

‘What if’ turns me into the light.

And it is towards this beacon, often distant and faint, that I take a step. And then another.

You see, my fear is my imagination. Turned against myself. My antidote to fear is my own imagination, turned in support of myself.

I may have been scared my whole life, but I’ve also been training this What If side of me to run wild. Turns out, it’s really all it takes.

If you feel stuck in fear’s confines, I hope you remember that there is a way out. There’s always another story available to you.

Your freedom may be as simple as two short words.

What If.

And I hope you let your imagination run wild. 💜