Let's Talk About Supplements, Baby

If you're training with intensity on a regular basis, chasing some serious fitness goals, or otherwise hoping to improve your performance in the gym, adding some supplements into your routine might be a good idea.

For whatever reason, I feel like most women are either intimidated or simply unaware of the world of supplements, and are unsure where to even begin with it all (Creatine? Protein? Poutine? Maybelline? What?), and for good reason- it can be very overwhelming! So I just wanted to offer inquiring minds a little write up of the supplements that I think are worth trying out.

It should be noted though, that this post comes along with a huge disclaimer! Supplements are designed to be just that: supplemental. So be sure you're giving your body a good balance of macro and micro nutrients on the reg, and recovering and caring for yourself properly. It should also be noted that you do not have to take supplements at all to be a fit and healthy woman! Plenty big time athletes forgo them entirely, and not every body responds to everything the same way (read: what works for me may not work for you, and vice versa). And duh, consult with your doc first to be sure it's a smart and safe move for you.

Now let's get into it! [Or go shop my favorite supplements and more on my SHOP page!]





Creatine is probably the most common supplement for most gym rats and performance chasers. It's a naturally occurring amino acid found in the human body that helps to create a substance called adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. ATP is the thing that provides the energy for your muscle contractions. Your body creates creatine but it also absorbs it from protein rich foods like meat and fish (game meat, lean red meat, salmon and tuna are the best sources). 

Creatine might also be the most studied supplement out there, and most studies have shown that it can significantly help to increase muscular performance and power for most people, and especially so for high intensity and short-duration exercise (CrossFit & weightlifting generally fit into that category). It hasn't been proven to much for more endurance-type exercise.

On training days I split my creatine dose into my pre and post workout drinks, and on rest days I put the whole dose into a protein shake. Creatine should be taken on both resting and training days to keep the level in your body steady, and the dose is generally around 5g a day. When shopping for creatine powder, look for one that lists only creatine monohydrate as the sole ingredient. Optimum Nutrition makes a simple and straight forward one.

You'll also see a lot of products that are a hybrid of creatine and another supp, and  Blonyx makes one that I think is worth exploring with their Creatine + HMB! (They also have a great breakdown of the science on their site that's worth checking out). I have also been taking Blonyx's HMB Sport alone and been enjoying it so far.




BA is also another naturally occurring amino acid that impacts muscular endurance and performance, namely by fighting muscle fatigue due to acid build up. The idea is that if it can help you get 2 more reps or go 30 more seconds without a rest, then your muscles will get that much stronger over time. BA is also a pretty popular and commonly used supplement, and is usually consumed in conjunction with creatine to help push that muscular endurance to the limit. And, similarly to creatine, BA is most efficient with shot term, high intensity exercise.

Read all about beta-alanine and it's impact on our bodies here.

Much like creatine, BA has been a staple in my supplement pantry for years. It should be taken on both training and off days to keep your body's level steady, and when training I split my dose into my pre and post drinks. It'll probably give your skin a tingly sensation when you start taking it, but this is totally normal and will dissipate with time! 

I've tried quite a few different brands of BA and have found myself really loving Blonyx's version lately, as it's squeaky clean and super high quality. Highly recommend!



Yet another amino acid, glutamine is actually the most abundant amino acid in the human body and is stored in muscles. Our bodies create it but we may need more that we can create when under extreme stress (like exercise). "Studies have shown that L-Glutamine supplementation can minimize breakdown of muscle and improve protein metabolism. Glutamine plays key roles in protein metabolism, cell volumizing, and anti-catabolism. Glutamine also increases your ability to secrete Human Growth Hormone, which helps metabolize body fat and support new muscle growth." (via bodybuilding.com) Glutamine also plays an interesting role in our body's immune system and is thought to help reduce intestinal permeability, protect the lining of the gastrointestinal tract, and improve gut health.

Due to my personal struggles with leaky gut, and my propensity towards high intensity exercise, I opt to add powdered glutamine to my post workout shake on training days. 



Another product you've probably seen a lot of are powdered mixes that call themselves "pre workout" drinks. The quality and ingredients of these mixes can range hugely, so be sure you read all of your labels! (Some of them contain creatine and BA already, so again, read your labels). Pre workouts are just designed to give you a boost of energy before your workout, and some even contain caffeine.

Some pre workouts contain a mix of BCAAs (branch chain amino acids), and that's what I tend to drink as part of my routine. BCAAs stimulate protein synthesis, both by increasing the rate of protein synthesis and your cell's capacity for protein synthesis. (Read more about it here). 

Equip Foods makes a clean and tasty pre workout mix that contains amino acid mix that's also squeaky clean.






Though real food will always be a better option than a shake or supplement, it's always a good idea to have a bag of protein powder in your pantry so you've got an alternative in case you're running low of the real deal, or need something you can drink on-the-go. 

If you're training hard, protein is an essential part of your diet, and shakes can be an easy and great way to get those extra grams of protein in right after a workout or in place of (or in addition to) a meal.

I personally am faithful to only one brand of protein, both for it's taste, ingredients, and the quality of the company behind it: Equip Foods. (Psst enter discount code SHETHRIVES at checkout).



Magnesium is a mineral that is crucial to TONS of stuff in that body of yours. "Magnesium plays a number of roles in the body, being required for more than 325 enzymatic reactions, including those involved in the synthesis of fat, protein and nucleic acids, neurological activity, muscular contraction and relaxation, cardiac activity and bone metabolism." (via bodybuilding.com). 

Again, while whole foods sources are always better than a supplement, it can be too easy to fall deficient in this valuable mineral. It's for that reason that I end every single day with powdered magnesium mixed with warm water. Some people swear this elixir is fantastic for getting into that pre-bedtime sleepy mood, as it has calming and relaxing properties. I use Natural Vitality's unflavored powder and love it!

Another way to get your magnesium in is with a soak in a long, hot Epsom Salt bath! It's a favorite way of mine to relax and help sore muscles recover and heal. 




Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric, which we all know by now is a powerful source of anti inflammatory antioxidants. Curcumin helps your body repair damage (sore muscles) among other things, and therefore I love to include it as part of my workout recovery lineup. 



Just because I don't personally take these on the regular doesn't mean they aren't great! Some other supplements that many people swear by and could be worth looking into for you are: 


I hope this helps you next time you're navigating the aisles of the supplement shop! And remember that different strokes work for different folks, so just because your training partner is or isn't taking something doesn't mean you have to, too. Make sure your doc clears you first, do some of your own recon in your gym and on the webby web, and then try experimenting with some of these to see if they make a difference for you! Or, not. It's up to you. :)

Wishing you all strong muscles and improved work capacity!


The Art of Giving 100%: Why Comparison is the Thief of Joy

With the Open in full swing, with it's fun but competitive spirit lurking around gyms all over the world and asking everyone to deliver their best every week, we thought this was a perfect time to talk about something that we've been thinking about a lot lately. What does it mean to give 100%? And why are we so quick to tell ourselves we are somehow at a disadvantage, or that others are somehow at an advantage over us?

Whether or not you're competing in the Open, if you've ever attempted to challenge yourself at anything, you've likely heard this voice in your head; The one that says "I guess I did ok, but I would have done better if I {enter excuse}", or the voice that says, "Sure she did better than I did, but it's only because she {enter some other excuse}". We're here to tell you that this kind of thinking HAS GOT TO END. You'll be a happier and better athlete, friend, businesswoman, and partner because of it. 

What got us all worked up about this?

We recently attended a seminar taught by Andrea Ager, and something she mentioned has stuck with us ever since. In the beginning of her speech to the room full of athletes, she got visibly emotional, and stated that no one ever likes to say that they gave 100% at anything. Why? Because they're scared. What they're scared of might differ from person to person, but often it's because they're scared that their best just wasn't good enough. 


And we understand that entirely. That's a scary thing! Having it posed this way was especially interesting to us, and since we've been thinking about this concept since she spoke those words, we've started to notice moments that are indicative of this phenomenon appear out of the woodwork of our daily lives. It's all around us, all the time, and we're just as guilty as the next guy for letting it happen.

We get it. It's easy to say that you were slow in that timed mile run because of your bad knee. Or that you would of had a better Olympic lifting session had you slept more last night. Or that you suffer through rowing and wall balls because you're short. And you may have even once or twice (or a lot of times) also carried this mentality over onto other athletes, with either thinking (or saying out loud) that they performed better than you did at that run because they're longer legged than you. Or they were faster at the pull-up workout because they have a lighter body weight than you do. Or they got more rounds than you because they weren't up all night with a crying baby. And the list goes on. 

If you have ever found yourself after a workout, Open event, (or 5k, competition, marathon, meet, or any other challenge whatsoever, big or small) thinking that someone has a distinct advantage over you because they are fresh/ rested/ tall/ short/ light/ heavy/ more flexible/ less flexible/ etc etc etc, have a seat. We need to chat.

Stop it! If nothing else, please stop saying to your fellow athletes or competitors why you think they were at an advantage- even if it's completely lighthearted in spirit. We mean it. This kind of talk has got to end, and it is a TOTAL back handed compliment. For example, Taylor recently completed a workout that involved a lot of handstand pushups, and even though they've always been a strong move for her, she completely exceeded her expectations in this one instance and rightly felt very proud about her performance. Not long after the workout was done, a friend jokingly said that if they "also had short arms and light body weight, they'd be that good at handstand pushups too"; a type of comment that if you listen for, you'll hear a lot in Crossfit boxes everywhere, and you may have even uttered yourself. While these comments are rarely meant to insult, and are almost always said with a smile and a "good job", they are also severely undercutting and negative. What you're essentially saying is that they beat you because of factors that are entirely outside of their own hard work and athletic merit, and that, my friends, is an insult to anyone. 

But what's more than that, these comments are an insult to yourself! By immediately focusing on what you didn't do so well at on this one particular day, you are completely belittling your own accomplishments. CrossFit is HARD and you should be gleaming with pride after every completed workout or lift! Thinking that you only did 55 pounds when everyone else was doing 75, or you could "only" hit 70% of your max, or you couldn't row as fast as your teammate who has those super long legs, or any variation of "I wasn't as good as the rest of them" is absolutely a crime against yourself! (Side rant: Can we stop using the word "only" altogether?)

And it works the other way too: Thinking that you only did well in that WOD because it had lots of rowing and wall balls which are easier for you because you're tall, is doing yourself a huge disservice. You did well in that WOD because you worked your ass off! You deserve to feel good about it, with no asterisk, subtext, or follow-up excuse of any kind. Kapish?

So why do we do this?  It's only natural to want to justify our weaknesses, right? And often times it's very true! After all, short legs are a major disadvantage in rowing. Light body weight is an advantage at handstand push ups. But why can't we just congratulate our teammates or ourselves for a job well done, without thinking that we didn't do as well just because we're shorter or heavier? I'll tell you why: We are terrified to admit that we gave 100%, and that it wasn't good enough. 

Here's something that's important to remember: What your "100%" looks like changes day to day, and is heavily influenced by every aspect and factor in your life. Are you really OK with your day to day 100% effort? Of course that shoulder injury will slow you down, but are you still giving the best you've got, regardless of that, and feeling proud? Or are you using that injury as a crutch to not deliver your best, and making excuses instead? There's a difference, and it starts and ends with the way you look at, think about it and talk about it.

Do you have to deliver 100% every single day at everything? Of course not! All we're asking is that you do not make excuses for yourself, don't justify your weaknesses by comparing yourself to others and pointing out your disadvantages, don't cut others down because of your insecurities, and don't cut yourself down and belittle your own amazing accomplishments and hard work! Everyone has weaknesses and strengths, and especially in the sport of Crossfit, it's all relative. What might be someone's advantage in one movement is surely their disadvantage in another. Why dwell on these things when you could be using that time to think about how amazing it is that you're even challenging yourself at all? 

If you are finding yourself severely limited by a changeable aspect of your fitness (flexibility, raw strength, body weight, a specific movement, etc), the way we see it is that you have two options: either put your head down and put in the hard work to improve it (make your weakness your strength!), or simply accept it for what it is and carry on. As for the unchangeable parts of your body structure and fitness, it's time to just happily and wholeheartedly accept it for what it is (which is completely and entirely awesome because it's part of what makes you you!), and focus on other things.


So, friends, we ask this of you: Pay close attention to your internal (and external!) dialogue, especially when competing in the Open over the next few weeks. If you find yourself in a place of negative comparison, thinking that you are disadvantaged or "less than" for any reason at all, take a moment to pause and redirect your thoughts. Remind yourself that you are doing the best that you possibly can. You are giving 100% of what you're able to do at this very moment. Revel in the fact that you are even trying.

And be proud of your effort. This stuff is hard. It takes a lot of courage to give everything you have, and make no excuses for it whatsoever. Be brave and start unapologetically giving 100% every time. It may just make you better in more ways than you may even expect. Always give your best and be proud of whatever that is. And you know what? Your best is always good enough in our book.


Fuel and Performance Tips for the CrossFit Open

It's that time of year again- the Open is here!  (You're signed up right?! If not, READ THIS). Whether you've done this a few times or it's your first time competing, it's important to feel your best and come prepared to conquer each workout. We've got you covered to help you perform at your absolute best this month! Check out our tips for the whole month, the day of your event, and recovery. And may the WODs be ever in your favor!




You know we're huge proponents of the DO YOU mindset when it comes to nutrition, fitness, and pretty much everything, actually. So instead of saying "eat this, not that", I just encourage you to closely monitor how food affects your body, mind, energy, recovery, performance, and more, during this time more than ever. Do your best to avoid the foods that you know affect you negatively (for most people that's things like gluten, dairy, industrial oils and/or alcohol, but your list could look way different). Feeling puffy or bloated is never fun, and it could really effect your performance in workouts, with body weight movements like pull-ups in particular, and sometimes it affects us mentally even more so than physically. We want you to feel light, fast, strong and mentally capable of anything Dave Castro throws at you, so be sure to eat like the athlete you are! Does this mean no treats for a month? Not at all! Keep your balance, just pay close attention and eat for feeling strong. (Curious about counting macros? Read this).

This might also be a good time to tinker with some supplements, if you're interested. BCAA's, creatine, glutamine and others are all great at helping your body perform and recover well, all while helping you grow those guns. For a run down on my personal supplement routine and recommendations, read this post.


This is not the time to be living on small salads and bone broth, mmkay? (Not like there's ever really a time for that anyway). You will need a lot of energy dense food to let your body run the way it needs to through the next month! If you worry about nothing else, be sure you're getting at least enough protein every day- and if you aren't really sure what that looks like, check this post here. You are likely also going to need an uptick in your carb consumption (carbs are your friend!), and as always, get in some healthy filling fats. Eat often and eat smart. 


You'll want to be upping your water intake as well. Being well hydrated helps your body function at it's best and be as efficient as possible- all things that will help you perform. Aim for a gallon a day; If that's daunting, try getting it in from different sources, like tea, La Croix sparkling water, hot water with lemon, or even some coconut water!


Nothing does more for your body than sleep, period. Respect it! Do your best to get as much shut-eye as your individual body needs (anywhere from 7-9 hours for most people), and it will pay you dividends. You'll have more energy, recover faster, move quicker, think better, and generally feel like a rockstar- trust us on this. 


Step up your mobility game this month to stay limber, loose, and fresh. Spend 10 or 15 minutes every day or every other day (don't only do it the day of the event!) foam rolling and stretching, and tending to any specific needs you may have (mild knee pain or pinched shoulder? Help it heal every day). Ask your coach or check out  ROMWOD for a ton of short, do-anywhere stretching videos.


Hold off on attempting PR's while you're in the Open month, but be sure to keep up gym attendance. You want to be fresh the day of your event, so take the day before (or two) off to allow your muscles to be ready, but it's still important to stay to a regular schedule- just take it a little easier than usual.


Take advantage of some of the wealth of knowledge available to you, by experts who analyze the Open events to help you find a strategy that works. Our favorites are Outlaw and Dave Spitz. Also, set a goal for each workout! Chat with your coach and figure out a realistic goal for you to hit in every event. Maybe it's making 5 rounds, or maybe it's achieving your first muscle up. Either way, it's important to go into the workout with your eyes set on a goal.





Carbs help provide the energy your body needs to kick it up into high gear at a moment's notice, and they are also crucial to allowing your muscles to repair and heal after a grueling workout. Along with your nutrient dense meals of proteins and fats, be sure you're getting ample carbs during training time, and especially on the day of the event. Bananas, potatoes, starchy veggies, fruit, coconut water, rice, and other simple carbs, are all excellent sources of healthy carbohydrates that will do your body good. 

We like to have a hit of carbs about 30 minutes before our workout as an extra boost of energy. Immediately following our workout, we do it again- either with a packet of baby food (yes, that's right), or some other pure carb, as it's absorbed easily and quickly into your body and can help replace depleted glycogen stores. Play around with a pre and post workout carb during your training time, and when you find what works best for you, utilize it the day of your Open event.


Your box will likely lead you through a warm up, but it is your responsibility to know if you are ready for your workout or not. Is that left quad still feeling tight? Allow yourself the extra time to tend to you individual needs as you get ready to head into the grueling event. Be aware of the movements that are asked of you for the event, and be sure your body feels ready to complete those best as possible. If we see double unders and box jumps, we will spend an extra ten minutes on ankle, achilles, and hamstring work- this time could be the line between injury and no injury, so be sure to listen to your body and prep it properly.


Ready to get that first muscle up? 

Ready to get that first muscle up? 

Whether you're a seasoned pro competing for a Regionals spot, or a newbie just competing because your coaches made you, your mental game is everything in this competition. Remember why you signed up- you're there for the challenge, the community, and to have fun! Don't be hard on yourself. The event has toes to bar, and you've never successfully gotten your toes to the bar before? Don't sweat it. Seriously. Just hop on the bar and give it a try! You might not make it, but it's ok- you're not the only one who can't perform every single movement in CrossFit. You also might just surprise yourself and hit a few PRs.. stranger things have happened! Remember to stay positive, be proud of everything you DID accomplish, and walk away with a new goal to conquer. 

And if you find yourself comparing yourself to everyone else in your gym in a negative way, READ THIS.


Remember why you're doing this, and be sure to enjoy yourself! Stick around and cheer on your friends as they push themselves through, and enjoy the experience. Revel in the fact that you kick ass and even showed up to conquer these challenging WODs!!




Immediately following your workout we highly suggest you have some sort of simple carb AND protein. Our favorite protein is PureWOD- but don't be afraid to bring in real food like leftover chicken and sweet potato to nom on right after your event! Your body will recover a lot more quickly if you can give it fuel to heal during the 20 minute metabolic window immediately following your workout. Oh, and drink some water too!

Although the temptation to go out for a celebratory drink to cheers to all your efforts, blood, sweat and tears that went into that 7 minute AMRAP will be strong- don't do it! Drinking will severely impair your body's ability to repair itself, and you will be broken the next day (or many days) because of it. Our advice is that if you feel like you really need a cocktail, wait for a day when you're not training or sore and only have one drink, or better yet; Hold off until the Open is over entirely. It will be that much more of a treat that way anyway!


Don't let that set of heavy deadlifts have you walking like The Hunchback for the next 4 days. Roll out those muscles! 


Some of our favorite recovery must-haves: A facial mask to help remove the post-workout sweat and grime, a soothing candle, and Arnica gel for bruises and sore muscles. Not pictured: Epsom Salts, Tiger Balm, supplements like curcumin and fish oil, and a foam roller.

Some of our favorite recovery must-haves: A facial mask to help remove the post-workout sweat and grime, a soothing candle, and Arnica gel for bruises and sore muscles. Not pictured: Epsom Salts, Tiger Balm, supplements like curcumin and fish oil, and a foam roller.

The night after your event, along with a hearty, healthy, nutrient dense dinner, we suggest you climb in the tub with 2 cups of Epsom Salts to help soothe those sore muscles. Use that night and following day to really take extra good care of yourself. Rub arnica gel on your bruises, tend to your hands and calluses, take a curcumin and fish oil supplement to help inflammation, stretch, and of course, sleep. The faster you can recover the better, so that you're ready to go and feeling good by the time the next one rolls around!



When you've wrapped up that final event and it's all said and done, give yourself a reward for all your great work. Get a massage to help your body relax and recover, (now's the time to) go get a drink to two with some friends, go splurge on that gear you've been eyeing at Lulu for a while now, or go out to a special restaurant with your loved ones to celebrate yourself! You've worked hard and did your best, and that's ALWAYS something to be proud of. 


Wishing you all the best of luck and loads of success this Open season! 


Is Crossfit for you?

No secret here: We are major advocates for CrossFit. We know that CrossFit can be beneficial in so many ways for any woman at any ability level, but we understand that many of you have some concerns about starting, and may even be quite intimidated at the prospect of joining a gym or box (a CrossFit gym is often referred to as a “box”). We are here to reassure you that starting CrossFit could be one of the best decisions you make in your life! We'll walk you through some of the reasons CrossFit might have put you off, and hopefully make you see why it's worth a try!


We both can remember how intimidated we felt before showing up for our first day of CrossFit; The fear of being surrounded by dozens of sweaty and bronzed Jillian Michaels and Ryan Gosling type bodies who were throwing barbells around like pros, doing moves we've never even heard of with hundreds of pounds, who would surely be looking up over their sweat covered but perfectly chisled brow to think, "What is she doing here?".  They would laugh quietly at us for never having barbell experience, for not knowing how to do a proper airsquat, and would promptly leave us in their dust on the first workout to wallow in our not so perfectly chisled or adequately bronzed physiques and overall lack of worthiness.  

Ladies- this is not the case! Sure, people will be doing moves you might not know yet, but before you know it you'll be banging them out like a pro too. See, the most fundamental, defining and basic aspect to the entire CrossFit brand is community.  And trust me, we take it seriously. Everyone is eager to help out, excited that you are joining, wants to make you feel at home, wants to help you learn the ropes, and most importantly, they want to see you succeed.  No one is going to judge you or be critical of you- CrossFitters are some of the most welcoming, positive, and encouraging people we have ever encountered. You will feel welcomed and a part of the family right away. It really is an amazing community! (There's a reason the Crossfitters you know won't ever shut up about it.  The community takes it way beyond a workout, to a brotherhood of tenacious people who are all in it together to get better- both in the gym and in life). 

And about all those Jillian Michaels: Everyone at every box is at a different level. There will be women lifting a lot of weight and other women who are just working up to the weight of an empty barbell.  There will be bodies of every shape, age, size, and ability in there.  And you won’t be left in the dust by everyone in every workout- everyone has their individual strengths and weaknesses, and you might just surprise yourself with what you find you excell in! In that way, it is appropriate for all ability levels, and we mean ALL. Even if you haven’t worked out in years (or ever), CrossFit can be modified to fit your current level and needs, so that you are getting a challenging workout without pushing past what you might be ready for at the moment. Your coaches are there to help you modify the workouts so that you are safe andsuccessful. 


Like we were saying above, one of the many beauties of CrossFit is that it can be modified to fit the requirements of any person, regardless of their ability levels or perceived limitations. (Check out this incredible man). There is literally no injury or disability that cannot be worked around successfully.  And you know what? Lots of people have actually found their injuries healed or signifcantly improved with CrossFit, due to the sheer amount of strength and mobility they gain in the process. Though it may be counterintuitive, nothing does more for a bad knee than putting it to use. By slowly and gently building muscle, improving range of motion and flexibility, and improving balance, you might just find yourself finally freed from that old injury.  Your CrossFit coaches are there to help you find modifications for your limitations, and together with your doctor you will surely find your personal path to success in the gym. You truly have NO EXCUSE in this category: Everyone and anyone can do it, regardless of anything.


I'm sure we've all seen the (completely misinformed and unfounded) articles claiming that CrossFit will kill you because it makes you push past your limits so far that you just keel over and die. (Insert eye roll here). We're not gonna lie to you: The workouts can be tough. After all, the premise is built on intense functional movement, intensebeing the key word. But you know what happens at the other end of that incredibly challenging 6 minute workout? The exhilaration of knowing that you DID it, and you gave it your all. (Also: muscles). The science is behind the concept of short, difficult workouts- they are your road to results.

That being said, every workout is endlessly scaleable, and your coach will help you determine the correct weights and modified movements for you so that everything you are doing in there is appropriately challenging for your abilities. You will NOT be asked to pick up more weight than you are comfortable with, or do a skill you haven't learned. It can really be as easy or as hard as you want it to be. Although there is a set workout of the day (WOD), and you are working out with other people in a group setting, it is ultimately an individual workout. You set your own pace and you are working to beat your own time in the end. Most important all-around life lesson that also pertains to the gym: Listen to your body and do what is right for you


If you are actually interested in getting better at your sport of choice, whether that's endurance running, rock climbing, dancing, martial arts, or anything inbetween, we've got news for you: CrossFit will improve it. By leaps and bounds.  See, the concept of CrossFit is to build all-inlcusive and general fitness.  This means that you will see yourself make profound improvements in every area of fitness: Cardiovascular/respitory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. This translates to literally every part of life, from carrying in the groceries or helping your friend move, to specific and high level skill set development and sport. Try it out as a complimentary program to your current routine or sport, and watch yourself improve in ways you didn't even think you could. We promise. It will change your game.


Think of it this way:  If you are trying to make healthy changes in your life and are concerned about the cost of CrossFit, try giving up that daily (sugar/trans-fat/grain filled) Starbucks latte and muffin, and you'll find it will more than pay for a monthly CrossFit membership. You know what's REALLY expensive?  Health problems. The bottom line is this: What is your health worth to you? Make an investment in yourself and your health; You are well deserving of doing something great for yourself! Also, remember that when you are healthy and happy, your family and friends will likely be healthier and happier too. And let's be real: You are basically getting a personal trainer plus an adrenaline pumping atmoshphere at every session, which is a surefire way to get results. Also worth noting is many boxes offer student, military, law enforcement, and/or family discounts, have different levels of memberships to choose from, and most are month-to-month style memberships (unlike your 5 year contract to that other gym that will remain nameless that I'm pretty sure is also entitled to your firstborn). Most boxes offer free trial periods too, so that you can see if the gym is the right community for you and that you feel safe before signing a membership. 


Give it a try! It is of course worth mentioning that CrossFit is NOT for everyone, and you might just find that it's not your cup of tea and you can get better results with your old/current routine.  But how will you know if it's not for you, or if it's instead a ground shaking, earth shattering, life changing, and profoundly moving experience of a lifetime unless you try it?!  There's a reason CrossFit's rate of growth is unprescidented, why they have completely revolutionized the fitness landscape forever, and why you will almost never come across a so-so CrossFitter (they are either die-hards or nothing): It's fun, there's always a way to improve, and it works. You'll get in the best shape of your life. You'll surprise yourself on a regular basis. You'll make lasting friendships. You'll get strong. You'll get healthier. You'll learn pull-ups, Olympic weightlifting, and dozens of other skills that you thought you could probably never do. And you might just find that the strength, determination, fearlessness, and confidence that you gain in the CrossFit gym will translate seamlessly into every other area of life.  You'll find yourself working towards a better you in every way, setting goals and crushing them regularly.  We happen to think that's kinda worth the price of admission on all it's own. After all, isn't that what it means to thrive?

Check out our FAQ page for more info, and go here to find a CrossFit box near you!