July Favorites: What I'm Obsessed With Right Now


Hey friends and happy August! Can you believe next month is September already?! *Cry face emoji* But! I have lots of exciting things coming your way in the next 2 months that I can't wait to share with you, so stay tuned for that (you're on my mailing list, right? Right?!). July was a crazy month; I worked a ton and traveled a lot, so most of these items reflect that- let's get right in!

NEW FEATURE ALERT! I am now making audio recordings of all my blog posts, so you guys can listen on the go, if that's more convenient for you. This specific post is not super conducive to audio (works better as a blog post with the links and images), but I made a recording for you anyway.

I will also be adding audio files to most (or all!) of my posts retroactively, and hopefully getting them up to iTunes at some point so you can consume all this goodness like a podcast. I'll keep you posted on that!

My latest post on Travel Tips & staying on track while on the go has an audio version available now, so if you haven't read that one yet, go read it or give it a listen!



I meannnnn do you SEE my gunz?! Most of you know that I've been doing a hypertrophy program called the Bigness Project for the last 15 weeks, and at the end of July I completed the program, and I haven't stopped flexing since. I really loved it. So much so that I think I am going to start it all over again from the beginning asap, and get extra big and then have to walk through doorways sideways and rip the arms on my leather jacket, which has always been a dream.

If you're curious or want to learn about more of what it is, I did a big write up of it here that you should check out!

Though I don't own this specific set, I think owning your own bands is a great idea, especially for traveling and at-home workouts; I brought my own seat with me on my recent road trip and was able to use them for quick, on-the-go style workouts. You can get very creative with these things and find a million ways to recreate your favorite weight/dumbbell exercises from pretty much anywhere. They're affordable, light, small, and pack a punch when used right. Definitely recommend owning a few!




I get asked about a camo hoodie I wear a lot on Snapchat, and though this isn't exactly the same one, I think it's reeeallly fucking close. (It might even be the same? I don't know!). I bought mine from the Miir HQ in Seattle, and can't find it anywhere on the internet for you! *Sad face* But again, this is close. Very very close. Maybe even the same. Hard to say. I got mine in a few sizes up (L) so it's extra cozy (recommended) and my snapfam knows I basically live in it.




This is a liquid highlighter (think dabbed on your cheekbones and above your brows, or on your shoulders and collarbone), and it's basically mercury: Liquid metal. And it sllaayyyys. (It's not really mercury. But it really slays). It creates the most intense glow EVER with just a fraction of a drop. I'm in love and completely and totally obsessed, and if you see me coming from a mile away, THIS is why. *flips hair*

These little pads are like an at-home, more mild version of a fancy person peel you'd get at the dermatologist's office. They leave your skin tingling and fresh, and even though they recommend you use them every day, I only use them about every other day or every two days, and I can still notice quite a difference in my skin. Smoother, brighter, more glowy, and dark spots lightened. I'm digging the and will definitely re-buy whenever I get to the bottom!

This is just about the most fun you can have with eyeshadow. ALL THE SPARKLES. It's sort of a cream (as you can tell by the applicator), but it dries as a shadow, it's SUPER glittery and I fuckin love it.

This plus the Iconic London Illuminator will pretty much turn you into a sunset glowy disco ball and I WANT ALL OF IT.

I'm thinking about doing tutorial with this soon... is that something you'd be into? Let a sister know! 




So I actually gifted this to my husband last Christmas since we got into espresso on our honeymoon last May, but I have really started using it a ton as of late. My go-to drink is a "shot in the dark", or a cup of coffee with a shot of espresso, (hot or cold), and this has been making that happen for me every day at home. It doesn't take up a lot of counter space (of which we do not have a ton), is sleek looking and easy to clean. It also has a milk frother that can froth milk either hot OR cold, so it's basically a Starbucks in my kitchen, and the thing has more than paid for itself already, even though it's pretty affordable as these gadgets go. Highly recommend!




For when you want to walk around with a boombox on your shoulder but ain't nobody got time fo' that. This little speaker packs a punch: it gets loud, the battery lasts a long time (8 hours I think), it is waterproof and sort of has a rubbery (read: drop-proof) feel to it, and my husband and I have been toting it around everywhere lately: cooking dinner, working outside on the house, and we even used it in the car on our road trip when the car speakers randomly broke (yay!). Definitely a great little summer accessory, functioning car speakers or not.

Ok so this was in my June favorites, BUT! SO many people have continued to ask me about this over the last moth that I thought I'd include it again!

Listen: I could tell you about how it makes your phone easier to hold, how you can prop it up to watch videos and shows, or how it attaches to your car dashboard, but all you really need to know is it makes taking selfies 1000% easier and so yes you need dis.

This bendy lil guy is quite the upgrade from the propped-against-my-water-bottle filming standard I've had for years. If you film any of your lifts in the gym, vlog, or just like to record fun stuff at home, this is a great tool to have! It also comes with remote a (bluetooth) shutter that I haven't tried yet. But the whole kit and caboodle is under $15, so not so bad, right?

That's it! What are you obsessed with these days? Anything out there I need to try? Let me know in the comments!


And remember that you can always check out my all-time favorites (read: ride or die, go-to products) and recommendations from everything from skincare to cookbooks in my shop tab!



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Golden Bronze Summer Makeup Tutorial

When I was in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago I did this look for a night out and decided to recreate it for you because it feels like such a perfect summer look! This lip color is one of my new favorites (it's in my June Favorites post from earlier this week!) and I feel like it looks really great with extra glowy and bronzed skin.

I linked all my products below, and of course it would mean so much to me if you would subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

Thank you guys so much and as always, please leave a comment and let me know what you'd like to see next!




June Favorites: What I'm Obsessed With Right Now


Hey friends and happy July! At the request of my readers, I am starting a new monthly series on the blog where I share my current favorite things. Items range from skincare and makeup, to household and kitchen ware, to foods and snacks. So without further ado, let's get right into it!



Lululemon Wunder Under High Rise

I get asked about these pants ALL THE TIME on the 'gram, and they are my favorite! These high rise Wunder Unders come in a few different fabrics and lengths, so be sure to try them all to find what works best for what you're looking for. But yea, these are amazeballs.

Forever 21 Swim

You guys, I'm not lion, F21 swim is pretty decent. I honestly can't stand the stores, but find myself going back time after time, and especially this time of year. I'm not down with companies charging $80+ each for bikini separates (WTF), and it can be so hard to find cute bathing suits that are on the cheaper side. I remember back in the day Target used to have the market cornered on this, but F21 has taken the lead, IMO. Really cute stuff, a price point I can get down with. Drawback: these suits really only last about 1, maybe 2 summers. 





Living Proof Dry Shampoo

This is the BEST dry shampoo in the game. TRUST.

NYX Liquid Illuminator in Pure Gold

I shared this on my Instagram recently and for good reason- it's a great way to add a little summery, bronzey sun to your cheekbones. I'll dab a little bit o my cheekbones, temples, and bridge of my nose, either with my finger or a damp beauty blender. Extra bonus: It's affordable!

Laura Gellar Highlighter in Gilded Honey

I've been mostly into cream highlighters for my easy every day makeup lately, but when I'm looking for that highlight you can see from space, I'll dust this on on top of the creams. This is the perfect shade for summer and I love the formula.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Morocco

Such a fun, vibrant, summery red, that's affordable to boot! It looks so good with bronzy, tan skin, and is such a flattering shade of red (the orange undertones make your teeth look whiter). I'll be doing a makeup tutorial with this color soon so stay tuned for that!




Balanced Bites Spice Blends from Diane Sanfilippo

I have been using these wayyyy more than I thought I would (and I thought I'd be using them a lot). One of these blends seems to make it into almost everything I'm making these days, and with good reason. They are really unique and punchy flavor blends that add a great kick to any meal. My favorites are Diner (especially on eggs), Mega Med (I put it in tuna or chicken salad, among other things), and Smoky (just adds a great depth of flavor to pretty much anything).




Gretchen Rubin's Books

It's no secret I've been way obsessed with the author Gretchen Rubin lately. Her books are a wonderful study in self-knowledge, efficiency, time management, habit and goal setting, and general pursuit of a happier life. Highly recommend.


P.S. Search #shethrivesbookclub on the gram for more of my recommended reads.


I'm sure you've seen these things before but wondered what they are, and I recently got one and I'm pretty obsessed. It's a little thing you stick to the back of your phone that sits pretty flat, until you pull it out (like shown in the photo), and it basically acts as a handle for your phone. It makes taking photos (selfies in particular, no shame here) way easier, and it also props up your phone horizontally on any surface, which is great for watching videos. A cheap add on accessory allows you to clip your phone to your dashboard for easy hands-free map viewing, and they come in a zillion colors. Worth it.

Safari Dual-Sided, Stainless Steel Shedding Blade

As you may know (especially if you follow me on Snapchat), we have two English Setter dogs, and they are the loves of our lives, but HOLY SHIT do they shed! I am constantly lint rolling all my clothes, brushing hair off our couches and furniture, sweeping the house, and still I can't stay on top of their ridiculous shedding. Enter: this thingy. I guess these types of brushes are actually designed for horses, but man alive do they work to de-shed and get rid of excess doggie hairs. Also, both our dogs generally hide when they see their regular brush coming their way, but they actually seem to enjoy this one, so win/win. (Pro tip: Use this outside!)

That's it! What are you obsessed with these days? Anything out there I need to try? Let me know in the comments! And hey, HAPPY JULY!


And remember that you can always check out my all-time favorites (read: ride or die, go-to products) and recommendations from everything from skincare to cookbooks in my shop tab!



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Lash Extension Q&A with Stacey Diaz and Brow Tutorial

As some of you know, I've had eyelash extensions for a little over a year now, and they're something that a lot of you ask about regularly so I wanted to put all the info in one place for you! But since I am just a consumer and only know so much as my own personal experience with extensions, I decided to bring on an expert to give you the best info possible.

Stacey Diaz is impressive- not only is she a badass CrossFitter and coach, using her Instagram account @boomfamf to discuss things like confidence, beauty, body image, self acceptance, feminism and personal growth, but she also has a booming business as an eyelash extension artist in Pasadena California, @StaceyDLashes. (If you're not following her already, really what are you doing with your life?) She was kind enough to answer some FAQs for you guys about lashes, and I included my video below as well. 

FullSizeRender 4.jpg




The key to knowing if you're in good hands is really going to have to do with what the customers have to say about the service. You've gotta look at an artist's work before you go in, and you have to be sure they take the time to answer all your questions and make you feel comfortable.



Sizing and volume really depends on preference. You've gotta go in knowing what you want and then you can ask your lash artist if your natural lashes can handle the length and volume. A good artist will always be honest and tell you what they can and can't do.  If anyone agrees to do whatever you want them to do without examining first, they're most likely doing whatever they want without even looking at your lashes first.



Extensions will only hurt your natural lashes if you pluck your extensions off of if your lash artist doesn't do correct isolation. I always tell my clients that they can be confident that their lashes are ok because I can leave them looking fluffy with every fill. If you notice fills start to look less and less full, you should ask your artist why that is and to take a photo of your natural lashes.



Breaks are only necessary if you feel like you need a break. Your lashes can handle it as long as you can handle it.



You should never put mascara on them. It's messy and impossible to clean them when you come to your fill. Crying, getting sweat on them, sea water, saunas and anything salty or oily will make them fall out faster. Also, never pluck them off! Let them run their natural cycle. 


A big thank you to Stacey for her insight! Be sure to follow her main Instagram @boomfamf and her biz Instagram @staceydlashes.

And I also included a super quick brow tutorial for you guys as well. I don't spend a ton of time on my brows- I prefer them to have a more natural look most days, bur I wanted to show you how I do them! (And side note: I completely forgot to include that the first step is applying clear brow gel, letting it dry completely, and then following the steps in the video.)

Products used:


If you have any other questions please comment below!



Every Day Makeup Tutorial

Back with a super quick tut for you guys!

I shared a quick version of this on my Instagram but wanted to do a little talk through for those of you who were interested!

My absolute 3 bare necessities are: concealer, bronzer, and an eyebrow pencil (starred below). Those are the 3 steps I'll do no matter what I'm doing or where I'm going, and then the rest of the steps in here I'll add in if I have time or interest, but I included them here for the sake of the video!

All the products used in the video are:

MOISTURIZER: Fatco Myrrhaculous Face Cream

*CONCEALER: NARS Creamy Concealer in Creme Brûlée  

SETTING POWDER: Laura Mercier Translucent Powder

*BROWS: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Medium Brown  

*BRONZER: MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Give Me Sun 

BLUSH: NARS Blush in Amour  

HIGHLIGHT: The Balm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer  

POWDER FOUNDATION: NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat in Nude

EYELINER: Maybelline Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Liner


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Recipe: Nutrient Dense Green Smoothie + Treat Yoself Protein Milkshake


Who doesn't love a great smoothie?! Today I'm sharing two different recipes with you, one of which I enjoy every morning as part of my breakfast, and the other I have occasionally when I need a hit of protein and/or am craving something sweet.



This bad boy is packed to the brim with tons of goodies your body will thank you for! The star of the show is the Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Greens, which is a mix of raw organic greens, marine collagen peptides, and probiotics, and seriously tastes great with a natural coconut vanilla flavor.

Collagen is the glue that holds our bodies together, as the most abundant protein in our bodies, and it promotes healthy and youthful skin, hair and nails, and is essential to maintaining the health of your body's joints, bones, tendons, and cartilage. (And one scoop of this packs 11g of protein to boot!)

Update: Vital Protein now makes a Matcha Collagen which is an amazing addition to this smoothie, or you can substitute for the Beauty Greens.

I add in a dose of matcha tea, which is antioxidant, chlorophyll and polyphenol rich, carries a ton of vitamins, and gives a boost to your metabolism and immune system. Extra goodies like aloe, lemon, and spinach delivers a dose of vitamin c and zinc among other goodness, and the banana and apple are a healthy source of carbs to get your morning started off right.

I've been drinking this almost every morning for over a year, and I swear I can see an actual difference in my skin when I'm having this daily, vs when I'm not (like when I'm traveling).




Combine all ingredients in blender, adding (more) water if you prefer a lighter consistency.


Nutrient Dense-2.jpg


Sometimes a girl just needs a cold, creamy, chocolatey milkshake, ya know? While there's absolutely no shame in going for the real deal, I have found this to be a great make-at-home alternative that has some simple substitutions that will help you stay on track to hit your goals!

Personally I use a dairy based ice cream for this (Halo Top), but this would work just as well with Arctic Zero or a coconut cream ice cream of choice! Similarly, the milk I use is a plant-based, protein heavy dairy free milk (it's what we keep in the house for my lactose intolerant husband), but any milk of your choice (nut, coconut, dairy, etc) would work!




  • 1 scoop Equip Foods Chocolate Protein Powder
  • 1 serving Halo Top Mocha Chip Ice Cream
  • 1 cup Ripple Protein milk (or nut/dairy milk of choice) 
  • 1 ice cubes

Combine all ingredients in a blender and enjoy!


How to: Simple Day Makeup Tutorial

One of the big requests I get on my snapchat is for a tutorial for my "daytime" makeup look. I finally got the chance to film a video for you on this topic so I hope you like it! This is not something I wear every day, but it is my go-to makeup for any daytime event where I want to look polished and glowing but not overdone. It takes a lot longer to film and do simultaneously, but in real life this look only takes about 10-15 minutes! I linked all products used below.


*Tip*: Watch in HD for best video quality (select via gear icon on bottom right)! Or watch on my YouTube Channel here.



If you have any other tutorial requests, please let me know! (I do have a skincare vid coming at some point). I have so much fun making these for you guys so any help on what you'd love to see next would be awesome!

(I promise I will get less awkward and better at keeping the vids short as I go)

Thanks for watching, ladies! 



How to: Soft Glam Makeup Tutorial


I'm really excited to have a makeup tutorial up on here for you guys today! I've been pretty obsessed with makeup for a long time- I think I started playing with it in 6th grade and it's been a fun avenue of experimentation and expression ever since.  If you guys enjoy this let me know! I'm hoping to do more of these and offer lots of different looks. 

I will say this of today's tutorial: this is a lot of makeup, there's no two bones about it. You do not need to purchase or own every product I use here to make this look for yourself. Experiment with what you have, and have some fun! (Also note that no, these products are not "paleo"- they are just what I use and love but I'm sure you can find cleaner versions if that's something you're looking for).

Products are all linked down below! Thank you for watching! 

P.S. I recommend watching this in HD. To do that, hit the settings button in the  frame (gear icon on the lower right), hit quality, and then select 1080 HD. Or watch over on YouTube here.

P.P.S. Apologies for all the text typos and for the camera cutting out. Hopefully I'll get better at these vids as I go! :)



Photos From My Wedding!

I am so excited to share images from my wedding with you today! I married my husband, Mike, back in early September and was absolutely perfect. It was a day filled with so much laughter, tears, hugs, smiles, and incredible people, that I almost can't remember it- it was all so thoroughly consuming in the best of ways, and of course, went by all too fast.

We had a perfect forecast leading up to our wedding weekend and had everything set to go for the outdoor festivities, and the weather was beautiful that morning as the girls and I got ready at our hotel. Mike's brother in law, Scott, married us, and rocked us all with laughter and moved us all to tears in the incredibly beautiful ceremony he prepared for us. I walked down the aisle to my brother playing "Here Comes the Sun" on guitar, which was my parent's recessional song at their wedding 43 years ago. We stood on my grandmother's rug and held hands under a canopy of green branches and hanging lanterns as we exchanged our vows, surrounded by our favorite people in the world. As the ceremony came to a close, claps of thunder shook the skies, adding quite the drama and excitement to our words. After we just made it back down the aisle and inside, the rain began. And it rained- oh, it rained. HARD. And didn't let up.

With the help of our incredible team of vendors we were able to enjoy the rest of the night a la improvised Plan B. Though it saddened me to see all my planning and all the truly stunning dining tables and outdoor displays that our florist put together get ruined almost instantly by the rain, nothing could stop that night from being the best ever. And it was just that: The best day ever. 

We moved the dinner and reception into two small rooms that the venue had, and made it work! Instead of table numbers, we had locations; My talented cousin drew sketches of all the cities and places that both of us have lived or that we hold dear to our hearts. We wanted all of our guests to be able to find themselves in a photograph with us- dozens of prints littered the tables and people sifted through them over drinks. We had a large table with framed images of our grandparents, parents and other special family portraits. We were treated to the most amazing toasts by our friends and family, and then, of course, partied the night away! We got things started off with our first dance, Fleetwood Mac's "Everywhere With You", and only left the dance floor to pop into the photo booth or take a polaroid for the guest book. Guests took some local Seattle coffee home as favors, that we had packaged and stamped with our name the night before.

It was just perfection! I hope you enjoy our images from our wonderful and super talented photographer, Amanda K, who also captured our stunning engagement shoot on the Oregon coast earlier this year.


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