Photographer / Crossfit Level 1 Trainer / Food Enthusiast / Athlete


Born and raised just outside of New York City, I have had the complete privilege of living in various parts of the country; from living in Boston to attend college and study Art History, to moving to the island of Martha's Vineyard afterwards, to then moving around to Vail Colorado, Lake Tahoe California, Rochester New York, Southern Maine, and Seattle Washington, I've loved every minute of my rapidly changing early twenty-something years.  I am excited to be settling down in Seattle for the long haul with my handsome police officer husband, Mike, where my days are filled with the details of running my own businesses, playing with our pups Lucy and Penelope, and CrossFitting. 

Like almost any CrossFitter will tell you, beginning CrossFit changed my life.  Big time. It changed my life in countless ways, but a huge one was that it made me take the reigns of my own health like never before.  Inspired by my own gains in the sport, I was determined to perform better in the gym, and though my intentions were well placed, I was struggling... A lot. And I was beside myself with frustration.  After all,  I was eating what we are advised by every authority to eat for health: A near-vegetarian diet, heavy on plants, whole grains and reduced fat dairy, and low in fats (saturated especially) and animal products. I was keeping my daily caloric intake low and pushing hard in the gym, and all I could think was "WTF is going on here?!"  It didn't add up.

Almost two years into my Crossfit career, I found Paleo and it opened my eyes to the incredible impact proper nutrition makes.  It was a lifestlye and diet that was a complete 180 from what I had been suriving on for the last near decade, most of which flew in the face of modern day nutrition advice. But what it did for my body's health is unmistakable (like curing my 7 year battle with heartburn, among other things), and it was a fantastic jumping off point for me to continue to learn and experiment with my nutrition and intake.  

It's my passion to use my talents as a portrait photographer to capture the countless untold stories of other women's health journeys, in hopes they inspire more.  There is a power that comes alive in women when they realize they are strong, capable, and fearless, and the same light turns on when they realize they can let their bodies thrive by taking control of how they feed it.  I am captivated by this awakening and want to do all I can to nurture, celebrate, and share it.