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If you’re picking’ up what we’re putting’ down over here around the She Thrives platforms, and are ready to go from a passive listener or reader to actually IMPLEMENTING this shit in your life in a REAL way, this. program. is. for. YOU.

Let’s work together to expedite your path to total food + body freedom, with the She Thrives Academy.

SHE THRIVES ACADEMY | private coaching from She Thrives



I’m Taylor. A health coach, CrossFit L2 coach, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, founder of the She Thrives Blog + the She Thrives Radio podcast, and I’m gonna be real with you:

I used to look at the women slinging the "moderation" lifestyle with both envy, awe, and a little dash of "fuck you". Because to me, as an all-or-nothing, in or out, I'm-fucking-doing-this-thing or I'm-not-at-all kind of person, moderation seemed not only unattainable, but counterintuitive.

Like first of all, isn't it kind of against the point to be pursuing health or fat loss or fitness, while also eating cookies? If you're going for gold, why would you add moderation? Isn't that going to slow you down?

And second of all, how easy it is for you to say, you bikini-clad, cellulite-less, goddess looking woman who clearly is at Life Expert Level 97, to just casually add in treats when you feel like it, like it's no big deal. DO YOU KNOW ME? When the box is open, there's no stopping me. What fucking mortal can eat pizza or brownies in moderation?

I pursued the intense, in or out approach to diet and fitness for YEARS upon years. I'd feel pretty good when I was "on", but every on period came with an equal (or worse) "off" period. But this was just my nature, as an all-or-nothing type person, so what could really be done here?

It wasn't until I started doing lots of focused mindset work that I realized that actually, I could go "off plan" here or there, without it spiraling into a 3 week Oreo induced coma. The more I practiced self care and acceptance, the more I got to know myself. And the better I got to know myself, the more compassion and understanding I had with myself. And the more compassion I had, I noticed how my entire experience surrounding my body, how it looks, how I feed it, and how I value it, changed.

I realized that the secret to *actually* living with balance or moderation lies in your MINDSET. How you're thinking about food or fitness, the rules you put in place, the stories you're telling yourself about who you are and what you can and cannot do, your feelings about your body, what you feel you should be doing, your feelings of guilt, your idea of perfection, and so much more.

I learned that stepping out of the boxed programs and labeled diets and living according to your own rules not only makes this stuff feel EASY, but will take you FAR beyond the kitchen or gym.

It creates space for you to be authentically and fully you. To show up as you are, without apology. To take up space, to speak your mind, and to be unafraid to follow your own path, no matter what everyone else is doing. It makes you truly UNFUCKWITHABLE.


Active but frustrated women: You’ve been on the health hamster wheel for a while now, and you’ve tried allthethings, but you just can’t figure out why you’re not “there” yet. You’re still struggling with falling off the wagon, with not feeling how you thought you’d feel by now (in your skin or in your life), and can’t figure out why you keep self sabotaging or where you’re going wrong. You’re ready to claim the responsibility of how you feel about you.

All or nothing types: Much like I used to be, you’re either ALL IN (eating clean, meal prepping, 30 day resets, prioritizing sleep, moving regularly), or you’re, well… NOT. (Fuck It Spiral, anyone?). You cycle between being on + off, and you’re looking for a way to stop living in the extremes and find a middle ground that’s sustainable, easy, and WORKS for you. You want balance, and truthfully? You’d really love to just stop giving so many fucks about food, fitness, and your body altogether.



This isn’t your average meal plan + workout template program, okurrrrrt?

This is a deep dive into FULLY examining how your relationship with yourself is impacting everything from food to behaviors to mindset + beyond.

Cuz here’s the deal. Your relationship with food, fitness, and by extension, your body, are simply manifestations of your own relationship to YOURSELF. Period.

The reason healthy living feels like a constant, frustrating, Sisyphean FIGHT, is in part because you’ve been taught to look OUTWARD for solutions. Constantly relying on external templates, expectations, results, outcomes, and validation causes us to lose connection with our own selves.

I teach you how to heal your relationship with yourself by dismantling the belief systems that are the foundations to your negative habit loops --which in turn builds self-integrity, self-love, and self-confidence-- and create sustainable habits that align with your OWN values.

You don’t need more discipline, and you don’t need to lose those last 10 lbs to feel amazing. You simply need to look INWARD and do some work, and everything will fall effortlessly into place.

I teach you how to shift this paradigm, for good.

I’m not feeding you a fish for lunch here— I am teaching you how to fish so you can feast like a queen for a lifetime.

You dig?



Finally fed up with fighting with your body? Been doing everything “right” and still not feeling the way you’d hoped you’d feel by now? Ready to like yourself + be happy with how you look, no matter what size or season you’re currently in? Want to learn how to stop obsessing over this shit so much in general?


Have you been on the health hamster wheel for a while? Doing all the resets and following all the rules but fall off the wagon frequently, with feelings of guilt or shame that make you spiral more? Want to learn how to find TRUE balance or moderation with food or healthy living?


Do you struggle with perfectionism, people pleasing or self doubt? Tired of always comparing yourself, your body or your life to everyone else’s? Ready to bust through the negative self talk and become unfuckwithable in every area of your life? Do you want to know how to cultivate unshakeable self trust and self love?


Are you living from a place of reaction instead of intention? Do you use things like food in ways you really don’t want to be (emotional eating, for example)? Are you looking for help on getting out of your own way? Do you need a good old fashioned mindset makeover from yours truly?


Our first week working together is very collaborative. We will have a kick-off call to deep dive into your habits, patterns, roadblocks, goals, expectations and more.

Then we roll up our sleeves and get right into it. We work together, week by week, to unroot limiting belief systems and mindsets that are causing your biggest frustrations, and we work carefully to implement new behaviors, responses + habits. The kind that lasts.

Customizing my 7 step program to your specific needs allows us ample opportunity to put the strategies surrounding balance, comparison, perfectionism, body image and more, into practice in real time, with actionable steps and valuable takeaways.

And of course, you will have 24/7 access to me in between our weekly coaching calls, and my full support behind you the entire way.


  • Bi-weekly Skype calls with me (up to an hour each)

  • Weekly focuses and actionable homework

  • Ongoing extra resources, feedback, and support

  • Ongoing 24/7 access to me between calls

  • A clear plan of action moving forward




“I just wanted to let you know how incredible I thought your program is. I never provide feedback on anything, and would consider myself a passive consumer of the fitness/motivation/lifestyle-type space, but your work deserves recognition.

You empowered me with  tools and thoughts to consider that allowed me to really understand more of the root issues. That's huge! Your videos were short and insightful and just the perfect ratio of preach to action.

I'm not sure I've ever paid for anything that was so helpful. It's really impressive work and you should be SO proud of yourself for how thorough and helpful it is. Please continue the amazing work that you do! In a space of so much BS, you really stand out.”


Taylor has COMPLETELY changed the way I view my body, my health, and my fitness as a whole.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for helping me get over the scale, over the dramatic beauty standards, and be so proud and amazed of what my body can do.”


“I have never loved myself or rooted for myself before. I have never had the faith or confidence in myself either. But, I do now. I am so proud of me. I look in the mirror, and I am filled with so much indebtedness, respect, and devotion. I now trust myself. I now, am my own cheerleader and that feels damn good. 

I highly recommend Taylor Gage and She Thrives Academy. This was an absolutely life changing experience.

This built self confidence, but it was so much more. It builds self gratitude, self awareness, and self worth. I opened up all of my skeleton ridden closets and aired all the shit out. I laughed, I cried, I had anxiety, I was mad- but I couldn’t be more happy with the conclusion of this.

Taylor, THANK. YOU. SO. MUCH. I cannot thank you enough. You have changed me.”


When I signed up to work with Taylor, I just knew I needed someone else to believe in me. To push my for accountability to achieve my goals. She is so good at asking questions that make me rethink how I was approaching a situation and reframing things so I GET OUT of my head. Taylor’s coaching style is both disarming and encouraging. I’d encourage you to work with Taylor if you are ready for the next phase in life. She won’t give you the answers but will encourage self reflection. I am a more confident person with the tools that Taylor helped me to implement. I am learning to be more self compassionate and to focus on action, not just thought.


“This course has changed my relationship with food, which I frankly considered too broken to be healed much, if at all. Cycles of restrictive eating followed by binges have decreased a lot. I feel more in control, but without having my former, rather neurotic, controlled relationship with food. I feel more at ease, and I actually trust myself around food.

After completing the course, it really has made me change the way I thought, and thus, behaved, around food. I will  keep going back to the content  that particularly spoke to me, as there was quite a lot of content in this course I had not come across anywhere else (and I have read/heard/watched a lot of content on these issues!).

I now feel more at ease than I have for as long as I can remember. It has taken a lot of weight of my shoulders (and also a little around my waistline). My self-confidence is a work in progress, but I am now equipped with tools to work on it actively, which I got from the course. I have been forced to face some uncomfortable truths, and re-evaluate what I have been telling myself, and why.

Working through this course has been tough at times, but at the same time, liberating. I am left feeling more empowered, and I can’t wait to continue this process.”

If you are:

  • Active but struggling with body image or food habits

  • Frustrated as to why you're not "there" yet + want to stop holding yourself back

  • Ready to FULLY examine how your relationship with yourself is manifesting in various self-sabotaging ways, from food to behaviors to mindset + beyond

  • Ready to exchange the all-or-nothing approach for ease, balance, and fun

  • Wanting to build deeply rooted self integrity, self love and self confidence

  • Wishing you had that unfuckwithable energy in every area of your life

  • Ready to reclaim your headspace, energy and LIFE for things that actually MATTER (and stop obsessing over the things that DON’T)

  • Ready to INVEST in help + support through this process...


is your gateway to a life you didn’t even know was possible.

The SHE THRIVES ACADEMY is a 10 week, high touch coaching program where you’ll work closely with me 1:1 to develop + implement strategies that will RADICALLY shift your mindsets and habits that impact how you eat, move, and feel in your body —and by extension, how you show up in your life— so you truly can be unfuckwithable.

Spots are filled on a first come first serve basis + I take on a limited number of clients at a time.

If you’re ready to change your life, I’m ready to help you do it.

Click below to book a call so we can connect + decide together if this is a perfect fit for you:

I can’t wait for you to feel what it’s truly like to THRIVE.

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