15 | On Judgement: How to Put Down the Gavel

15 | On Judgement: How to Put Down the Gavel  |  SHE THRIVES RADIO

People will love you, and people will hate you, and none of it will have anything to do with you.

The creepy mirrored funhouse that is judgement is a world that’s worth your attention. If you are someone who is constantly judging the way others are dressing, speaking, behaving, or otherwise living, chances are pretty good that you’re also being just as critical with yourself.

This episode is about how we can heal our relationships to ourselves, and be more happy, compassionate and at peace — not only with ourselves and our bodies — but with the world at large, through examining our judgements.


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Edit: “You aren’t afraid of the thing you think you’re afraid of, you’re afraid of what the fear is asking you to look at” is a quote from Shelli Varela. I forgot to give her credit for that line.

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