26 | 4 Things to Stop Doing Right Now to Live a Happier Life

26 | 4 Things to Stop Doing Right Now to Live a Happier Life | SHE THRIVES RADIO

I’m not one for Do’s and Don’t lists, but I think you’ll see why I feel strongly about these 4 things, and why they’re definitely worth stopping ASAP. 

Do you feel like you need validation or permission from people (or a specific person) in order to chase a dream, take time off, or follow your gut?

Do you believe that there’s something you must achieve, be, accomplish or suffer through first, in order to be worthy of what you want?

Are you constantly doing things that you don’t really want to be doing, and you’re not really even sure why?

Do you work hard to get people around you to like you?

So often we feel like we have these barriers between us and what we really want, or what we feel like we deserve. But the truth is, these “barriers” are usually of our own making, and we have the ability break through them at any time. But it requires us stopping some engrained behaviors and taking a critical look at some of our beliefs.

This episode will help you do just that.


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