39 | The Problem with “Progress” That No One is Talking About

39 | The Problem with “Progress” That No One is Talking About | SHE THRIVES RADIO

For so many of us, "progress" elicits a vision of a linear journey. Like if you just keep showing up, putting in the work, and doing what you're supposed to, you'll arrive at your destination.

We get told to stop competing with others and only compete with ourself, to look at how far we've come, and let that be our guiding light on Progress Road.

We are not only made to believe that progress is equivalent to being better today than we were yesterday, but that real progress is measurable, visible, and can be displayed in a side by side photo on Instagram.

And while I’m always here for growth and improvement of any kind, there is a dark side to this obsession with “progress”, and I’m breaking it down in today’s show.

If you feel like your health or wellness journey has taken a backslide, this episode is a must listen.

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