47 | Trusting Your Gut: How to Strengthen Your Intuition Muscle

47 | Trusting Your Gut: How to Strengthen Your Intuition Muscle | SHE THRIVES RADIO

Ever know what it’s like to wake up from an Oreo and pizza induced coma and think “why did I do that? I didn’t even want any of it!”. Or suddenly realizing that you’re somehow in a job, relationship, or other life path that you didn’t ever really choose?

How did you get here? Chances are, you were ignoring your intuition.

Listening to our intuition is something most of us hardly do, because we’ve ben conditioned to trust everyone else’s opinion and advice over our own instincts. But this leads us down a path of total misalignment with ourselves, because we aren’t making the choices that we REALLY want.

So how do we start to listen for (and honor) what we really want? It’s a practice that we must intentionally work on.

From the tiny, daily decisions, to the big, life changing ones, this episode is all about how to listen to your gut, live more intuitively, and trust your own instincts.



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