49 | Fearing Fat: How We Internalize + Propagate a Fatphobic Culture

49 | Fearing Fat: How We Internalize + Propagate a Fatphobic Culture | SHE THRIVES RADIO

The holidays are here, and the reality for most people around this time of year is that they are likely to gain a pound or two from all the festivities. This possibility sends most people into a downright panic.

This episode today is about why fat is something we fear SO much. Why we freak when we gain some, why we idolize those who lost some, and why we feel like it’s our life’s work to get a 6 pack and keep getting smaller.

This fear (that has been taught to us, by the way) is not only a problem for ourselves and our own body image, but it’s actually propagating a long-standing problem for those who actually live in larger bodies.

This episode is a conversation on how we can gain some perspective on fat, leanness, health, and “body positivity”, and create some more awareness around our actions, beliefs, and words in order to play a small part in dismantling the culture that hurts everyone— some more than others.


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