64 | Changing How You Look vs Changing How You Feel

64 | Changing How You Look vs Changing How You Feel | SHE THRIVES RADIO

There is nothing (NOTH. ING.) wrong with changing how your body looks. But be honest with me— if I really pressed you to tell me WHY you are dead-set on changing how you look, would the answer be it’s because deep down, you want to change how you FEEL?

If you are on what feels like a lifelong quest in search of confidence, self-love, and inner peace with your body or yourself at large, but haven’t been able to actually get there yet, with those feelings just always seeming just a touch beyond your reach, this episode is for you.

We are discussing how changing your body has become messily intertwined with the expectation that it will result in changing how you FEEL about your body. Meaning: we believe the external appearance has to change first in order for our internal mindset to change.

This episode explains why that is 100% backwards, and how we can actually create what we REALLY want most for ourselves, right now.


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