BONUS 2 | Coffee Talk with Kristin Kaschak

BONUS 2 | Coffee Talk with Kristin Kaschak

My friend Kristin of @thegirlwiththebutter is back for another bonus cawfee tawk episode where we hang out, laugh, recount our amazing recent Tour de Snacks vacation together, and discuss the stuff that’s really grinding our gears these days.

We chat about:

-How women are not allowed to think they are pretty or cool

-Owning your beauty and body

-Being uncomfortable with other people’s bodies and clothing choices

-The dynamic of working out in a sports bra in the gym

-What's really happening when you’re getting defensive about your life choices

-Keto: so hot right now. But are you doing right?

-Making food choices while on vacation

-Staying motivated in the gym and managing the ebbs and flows


Mentioned in this episode:

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