Talk Shop With Taylor

Do you have a blog or run an online business? Are you just starting out and feeling overwhelmed, looking for some guidance or need some questions answered?

Are you itching to take your dream or your passion and make it a (profitable) reality? 

This Small Biz Consult is designed to help you take the next steps in your blog or online business. We're going to work together to set your big picture vision, establish what areas of focus are most important for you right now, grow your visibility and audience, get actionable strategies to implement in your biz, and get all your Q's A'ed in order to help you take smart action.

We're gonna work together to get a few super important things nailed down, including:

  • Your brand, your voice, and your messaging: how to find it and how to use it in the most effective way to attract your ideal client.

  • How to make your social channels support your brand, voice, and messaging, and strategies for effective social media marketing.

  • Where to start when beginning a blog or online biz: what you need now and what you don't, and how to streamline your efforts for maximum return.

  • How to develop the content that speaks to your people and creates fans.

  • How to create, market and sell an online service.

  • So. Much. More.


PSST: If you DON’T have a site, blog, or business yet, You want my Q+A SESH.

This service is not a course or a program. It's me combing through everything you've got, listening to what you really want, taking a close look at your biz, giving you some fresh perspectives and insights, answering your questions, and offering you my customized feedback on how to best go about hitting your business goals.

If you’re looking for more ongoing or in-depth help, you want my PRIVATE BUSINESS COACHING.



She Thrives Small Biz Consult + Social Media Audit

Social Media + Website Audit

The word audit is totally scary, but think of it this way: I'll comb through all your areas of online presence (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, your whole website/blog), and give you some suggestions and advice to streamline and grow these channels.

You'll get feedback specific to you, get tips to help you create the content that attracts your ideal client, and ultimately grow these networks in an efficient and fast way.

You'll get small but effective strategies that you can implement right now to help you increase your exposure and streamline your message, as well as a better big picture and long term strategy to support your goals.

She Thrives Small Biz Consult + Social Media Audit

Skype Call Q+A

Ever want to just sit down with someone and pick their brain about everything? Well now you've got that opportunity.

We'll hop on the line and talk shop about all things biz! Bring your questions and let's cawfee tawk for 30 minutes about any area in your business that needs some support, guidance, clarity or strategy. 

Want to know the best way to market and launch your online product or service? Or how to even create one in the first place? Or where to focus your energy, or where to start? Or how to design a content creation plan, a promotional calendar, find your audience, hone in on your message, grow your email list? Looking for someone to give you a step by step plan for what is best for you to do right now in order to take your business or dream to the next level?

I'm here to help you; let's chat.


Ready to get serious about your side hustle? I can't wait to help support you and get you one big step closer to making that dream your reality!

This investment in you and your business to get clear and create the first few necessary steps with me is $197. The rest is all up to you! What will you make of it?

Have some more questions about this offer? Drop me a line and let's figure out if it's right for you!