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The highly anticipated, in depth, step by step nutrition program to get you living a life of freedom, balance and moderation with food (all while still hitting your goals in the gym and beyond) is BACK!

Join me as I take you through everything I know about nutrition, eating for optimum health and performance, and finding a peaceful balance that works for YOUR life, as I teach you every strategy, tactic, and approach to setting yourself free with food, once and for all.

Clinical processes to address what foods and how much you should be eating to support your goals. Bridging the mindset gap so that you actually choose those foods consistently, with ease. Taking your skills out into the world so you can live a full, happy, fun life (read: enjoy your social life), and not let food make you feel like you've got to choose one: fun or goals. Specifically designed for women and their unique struggles, this course covers it all.

Think you might be interested? Read on:


  • Feeling like you have no control over your cravings
  • The binge and restrict, all or nothing, on or off cycles that leave you with nothing but a broken metabolism and feelings of guilt and shame
  • Not knowing how to properly eat to fuel your fitness, grow lean muscle mass and drop body fat
  • Wishing you could eat in "moderation", but never figuring out how to make it work for you
  • The runaway train feeling of bad food choice after bad food choice that you can't seem to snap out of
  • Feeling like you're tied to a nutrition "box" (paleo, macro counting, etc)
  • Letting social pressure interfere with your goals
  • Starting over every Monday
  • Feeling like you just can't make food work for you instead of against you
  • Thinking that you'll never have a healthy, happy relationship with food

If any of those things resonated with you, THE NUTRITION LAB is exactly what the doctor ordered.

This intensive, workshop style 6 week program is a deep dive into everything you could ever hope to learn, address or mend when it comes to nutrition, eating for performance, mindset, balance and finding sustainability that works for YOU and your life.


THE NUTRITION LAB is comprised of three main modules, each containing multiple lessons, delivered right to your inbox over the course of 6 weeks:




Both equally important when finding out how to make you feel like a rockstar and make your body run like a brand new Lambo, it's time to stop guessing and figure out exactly what works for YOU.

This is the paramount foundation that often gets overlooked when most well intentioned industry leaders tell you to just "find balance" or "moderate" your food. Balance what? Moderate how? 

If you've ever wondered what types of food you should be eating or avoiding, how much protein or carbs or fat you should have each day and how the hell to even go about that, this module will bring you the clarity you've been looking for. 




I think we can all agree that there's a BIG gap between knowing and doing. Because when it comes down to a cupcake vs chicken breast, who wouldn't want to choose the cupcake?

Getting stuck in the "f*ck it spiral" where one bad food choice leaves you wondering what happened 2 weeks later when you come out of your Oreo and pizza induced coma feeling like a garbage person, is all too common. What do you say we nip that shit in the bud?

Or how about we address some of the other major issues that are weighing us down with feelings of pressure, guilt, being good or being bad, that are ultimately not only affecting how we view our food, but how we view ourselves?

Mending our broken, complicated and distorted relationship with food is a process, that's for sure. This course expedites this process and gets you right to the heart of the issues that are getting you stuck the most, so that you can not only have your cake and eat it too, but feel GREAT about doing just that.




The "diet starts Monday" mentality is something that most of us are doing every. single. week. How do we actually find a way of eating that we can integrate into our lives... forever?

This module in particular teaches you how to take all the data, knowledge, and insight you've learned over the previous weeks and turn it into a practical, balanced lifestyle that works with you and for you, instead of against you.

Because the pursuit of health and wellness and a life fully lived shouldn't be mutually exclusive.  



THE NUTRITION LAB is delivered right into your inbox every week, with videos, webinars, PDFs, downloads and more, designed to give you the tools that you can access whenever (and forever). 

Your membership to the course not only comes with all the support and information you could dream of, but also includes these sweet bonuses:

  • A private Facebook group where you can ask questions, get support and be inspired by other members, moderated by Taylor
  • Live weekly video checkins with Taylor where hot topics get expanded on and you can get your questions answered directly
  • Lifetime access to THE NUTRITION LAB. This program will only continue to grow and get better, and you get free access to it every single time it comes around again, should you ever want a refresher, or see what's new and improved.


We all start this program together on Monday February 5th, and will go week by week through the lessons together as a group. You will always have access to the lessons, videos, slides, and more, so you can always revisit anything you feel needs a second look.


Your membership to The Nutrition Lab will take you through 6 weeks of a step-by-step process, which will consist of this goodness to help you stay involved, have breakthrough moments, get the support you need, and help you accomplish what you're here for:



THE NUTRITION LAB is a step by step roadmap to your own unique path to a happy, healthy, balanced relationship with food. Each lesson builds on the previous, providing you with a precise toolbox that we then show you how to actually implement in your life.

You'll walk away from this 6 week course knowing:

  • What foods support your individual health, and which ones make you feel not so awesome, with a mini elimination and reintroduction.
  • How to figure out how much of those foods to eat to support your individual goals, and how to consistently get your required amounts, with lessons on portions and macros.
  • How to get yourself to want to choose those foods regularly, instead of fighting with what you want, vs what you "should be" eating.
  • How to stop binge eating, stress eating, and emotional eating once and for all.
  • How to stop the habit of eating well during the week and then overindulging on the weekends.
  • How to stop the "f*ck it" spiral where one bad food choice leads to another, over and over again.
  • How to end the feelings of guilt that follow some meals (or days, or weeks of eating.
  • How to begin eating intuitively, with lots of focused mindset work.
  • Paramount mindset shifts that will make a big impact on your relationship ship with food.
  • How to take your skills beyond a bubble and out into the real world so you can live a full, fun life, without worrying about food.
  • Key practices to always come back to when you find yourself drifting into negative behaviors or patterns, so you can "reset" yourself with ease, anytime.





Actual feedback from TNL members (privacy protected):

"Taylor made me think SO MUCH MORE deeply about my relationship with food. I honestly came into this course just hoping to learn more about food quality and quantity, but all of my most important takeaways have to do with mindset. She has changed the way I think about food and fueling my body, and sparked a desire to learn so much more about these things."


"Taylor: THANK YOU for this course! I didn't know what to expect from the course - I was familiar with some of the information, but a lot of it was new to me, or presented in a way that made me reflect more than I have in the past. Moving into this holiday season, I find myself thinking about food with confidence and freedom while also making better choices that are motivated by what makes me feel really good and helps me meet my goals. And sometimes that goal is to eat something really yummy. Sometimes that goal is to be a better athlete. Both goals can exist simultaneously and that's cool. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and humor and giving me some great food for though TNL!"


"I am glad I registered for an engaged with The Nutrition Lab. I learned a lot about nutrition (obviously, as the name suggestions) and also about myself and my relationship with and thoughts about food. It was eye-opening and I've been much more thoughtful about food since the course - but I also feel more freedom around my food decisions. Thank you!"


"The course felt really personalized and connected, it was easy to ask questions and it felt like a community having the Facebook page and Taylor was so accessible. The live feedback was really helpful. Also the explanations for everything felt like everything was our choice but I felt inspired to make more of the right choices. I just felt really really good, had more energy, and started on a better course with my eating and health. I would recommend to everyone!"


"The videos lessons were really awesome and informative - super inspiring but also felt really 'real'!! I guess that was the most impactful part for me, that everything felt really personal and lived in, and I learned SO much!"


"I came away with a much healthier relationship with myself as a bonus!"


Are you ready to end your reliance on diets, to stop fighting with food, and to learn how to listen to your body? Are you ready to take control of your relationship with food, and to experience freedom with your choices?

We're here and ready to help you make that all a reality.




Drop me a line at and let's chat.

Please note that this course has not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Full medical clearance from a licensed physician should be obtained before beginning or modifying any diet, exercise or lifestyle program.