If you’re putting in work in the gym but still struggling to reach your goals or see the results you want, good nutrition could be your missing link. If you’re ready to stop the cycles of poor eating habits & are committed to care for your body and let it reach it’s full potential for health, we have you covered. You will learn the invaluable skills to allow you to maintain health for the rest of your life.

Bi-weekly meetings with a Certified Health Coach designed to educate you about how food effects your body, how to make smarter choices, how to eat for Crossfit, how to overcome challenges, make permanent lifestyle changes, and lots more.  Seven meetings total, over the course of 12 weeks will be ample time to make an assisted transition and get comfortable in your new lifestyle. Meetings will last about two hours each.

Small group sizes ensure your voice is heard and your concerns are addressed, while creating a tight knit support network of women who want to see you succeed. With a professional at the helm and ample support around you, this could be your best opportunity to finally make a change for the better and stick with it. 

Ample support, like a Facebook group and email access to both Morgan and Taylor help to ensure that you have all the tools you need for success. We're all in this together and we want to see you be your best you!



When was the last time you saw a photograph of yourself and felt beautiful, strong, and proud? Every woman should have a photograph of herself that she feels proud of; You will finally have that with a fabulous glamour portrait shoot to celebrate the tremendous tenacity, strength and dedication it takes to make a change for a better life. We want you to be proud of your hard work! Treat yourself to a day creating images that will capture the revolutionary time in your life when you took control of your own health.

Athlete Shoot

Halfway through your health coaching cycle, at the 6 week mark, we will step into the gym for a mini athlete photo shoot. You get to show off all that beautiful brawn that you’ve worked so hard for! Finally got pull ups, RX pushups, or double unders? Set a new PR on a weightlifting move? Show it off! We will capture it all in a 45 minute shoot, creating professional grade images that highlight all the amazing things your body can do that it couldn’t do before you started Crossfit. 

Glamour Shoot

Your 12 week nutrition workshop culminates in the grand finale: A glamour style portrait shoot. You will be treated to professional hair and makeup, don your hottest outfit(s), and spend up to two hours with professional photographer, Taylor, on location creating gorgeous images of you.  She will capture the light in your eyes, the newfound strength and the overwhelming pride you have in yourself after committing to a healthy life and sticking to it. The deeply empowering feeling that is gained from getting strong & taking control of your life is visible, and we want you to see how truly beautiful it can be. You’ve worked hard and you deserve to be proud! Photos will serve as a milestone, a marker, a documentation of the time in your life that you decided to take the hard road, put in the work, and reclaim your health. There’s nothing more beautiful than that.