"[I gained] a deeper understanding of why to eat better. I had always looked at my body as needing improvement and focused on the scale to tell me how I was doing. This program taught me to look at things from a different angle. Fighting disease being more at the forefront with other things an added bonus. [I gained a] new perspective when looking in the mirror. I saw muscle in my shoulder/back area yesterday. Yea, I saw some not so pretty stuff too, but I went immediately back to the positive and out my focus there for a while. Prior to the program, that muscle would have gone un-noticed and all focus would have been on the not so pretty stuff and the number on the scale.

It's a process. This program was just what I needed. THANK YOU!"


"I am super excited about the Thrive Online project. It really is inspiring and motivating to know other people are working on and thinking about the same things :) the Thrive Facebook group is great!"


"I think [Morgan and Taylor] are truly honest, helpful, caring people! Even though I don't know you, I felt like I could ask you questions or tell you information and I wouldn't be judged. It was really helpful."