I've been beyond honored to have been interviewed or featured on some of these wonderful websites, blogs, and podcasts, where I get to share a little bit more of my story and perspective and advice with all of you. 

As seen in:

She Thrives As Seen In

And featured on:

Episode 238: Getting out of our own way, looking at the scary stuff, facing comparison and more. [January 2018]

Real Talk with Dana x She Thrives

Episode 7: Discussing CrossFit, toned vs bulk, comparison, empowering yourself and more.  [January 2018]

Harder to Kill Radio X She Thrives

Episode 14: Chatting with Steph Gaudreau about body confidence, being big, societal standards and more.  [August 2015]

Episode 73: What it really takes to THRIVE.  [October 2017]

Eddy Knows Fitness x She Thrives

Episode 8: Chatting in depth about my story, nutrition, and facing fears. [November 2017]

Feature: My mission with She Thrives + what I hope to accomplish.  [November 2017]

Is This Podcast Paleo x She Thrives

Episode 61: All about macros + eating for performance.  [December 2016]

Episode 72: My favorite time of year: the CrossFit Open!  [March 2017]

Episode 77: Girls Gone Strong Women's Empowerment Weekend recap, the Bigness Project, subtle sexism + more.  [April 2017]

Episode 89: Favorite cocktails, simple meals, what to do about those last 10 lbs + more.  [August  2017]

Episode 100: This podcast is definitely not paleo. Hanging with Kristin + Everett, plus Joshua Weissman + talking about balance and what we eat for the 100th episode.  [November 2017]

Yoga Maris x She Thrives

Feature: Sharing more of my personal story, the struggles to finding my path, and what strength means to me.  [June 2017]