Born and raised just outside of New York City (except for a brief stint in the Caribbean!), I have had the complete privilege of living in various parts of the country; from living in Boston to attend college and study Art History, to moving to the island of Martha's Vineyard afterwards, to then moving around to Vail Colorado, Lake Tahoe California, Rochester New York, Southern Maine, and Seattle Washington (whew!), I loved every minute of my rapidly changing early twenty-something years.  I am excited to be settling down in Seattle for the long haul with my handsome police officer husband, Mike, where my days are filled with the details of running my own businesses, playing with our pups Lucy and Penelope, and CrossFitting. 

In my high school and college years, health was the LAST thing on my mind. I loathed gyms, but mostly I was distracted with other things. Namely, drugs, alcohol, partying and smoking. (Yep, I was a pack-a-day-er for almost a decade). It wasn’t until I was about 26 that I decided to take control of my health and commit to a change.

Like almost any CrossFitter will tell you, beginning CrossFit changed my life.  Big time. It changed my life in countless ways (even changed my entire career trajectory), but a huge one was that it made me take the reigns of my own health like never before.  Inspired by my own gains in the sport, I was determined to perform better in the gym, and started learning about nutrition. (Oh yea, it also inspired me to quit smoking).

(Learn more about my story in this She Thrives Radio podcast episode and in my various interviews and features)

I pored through dozens of books, websites, and studies, and got my hands on all the information I could. I also experimented a lot for myself, first starting with Paleo, then counting and tracking macros, and then finding a more relaxed structure that works for me, my body and my needs. I take everything I've learned through years of research, trial and error, and experience, and teach women how to use food to nourish themselves and feel their best.

But fitness and food isn’t all we do around here, although it absolutely was the catalyst.

Helping women heal their relationship with their bodies and themselves is my mission, but my methods include empowering women to embrace their authenticity, break down and discard old, harmful narratives, fear facing and confidence building, guidance in entrepreneurship and generally just getting women to really, fully, and proudly love themselves.

Things I'm obsessed with: 

  • The show Friends (I'm a Monica, thanks for asking).

  • Makeup and skincare, watching makeup tutorials, pretending I'm a makeup guru (hey I did my own wedding makeup so that counts for something right?!), buying fancy skin products.

  • The beach. Any beach, anywhere, in any weather. (Maybe it's leftover from living in the Caribbean as a kid-- I can't get enough).

  • Memes. Literally the best part of the internet, hands down.

  • Getting my lashes and nails done. No shame here.

  • Seeing people own their strength, weirdness, vulnerability, power and life. Gets me fucking fired UP!

  • Cursing. #Sorrynotsorry.

Taylor Gage of She Thrives

I am a health coach, a CrossFit coach, a CF-L2, a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, a portrait photographer, and a girl who loves to eat.

I'm also a scorpio, a Four Tendencies Rebel, an all-or-nothing type, a fast driver (I'm from New York ok? #butdidyoudie), and I have scoliosis.

I am still on my own wellness and fitness journey, and I do my best to share both the triumphs and the struggles of finding my voice, learning when to push through and when to let go, finding my strength and using it wisely, growing as a whole, complete person, finding "balance" (whatever that means), and living my best life.

It's my passion to empower women to feel their best, find their strength, and live their fullest lives.  There is a power that comes alive in women when they realize they are strong, capable and worthy of the things they want in life, and  I am sincerely captivated by this awakening. This blog is dedicated to nurturing, celebrating, and sharing it.

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