33 | Fitness is Not Your Life

33 | Fitness is Not Your Life | SHE THRIVES RADIO

What happens when you lose interest in the gym? When you want to take a week off? Or several weeks? What happens when something you love is no longer top priority for you? What happens when you take a break or take it easy or take it less seriously?

Do you rack yourself with guilt? Quit? Feel like you failed? Or do you accept that these ebbs and flows are completely normal, and that you’ll be ok?

Today’s episode is a reminder that taking it easy in the gym or taking a break from it altogether is not the worst thing you can do, contrary to most of the fitness industry’s advice.

Today’s episode is a reminder that your value is not your body fat %, your Fran time, or your fitness level. Fitness and exercise should enhance your life, not stress you out and bring you guilt or shame.

If you’re struggling with feeling motivated, have slid backwards in your “progress”, or are feeling guilty for wanting to spend time on other things in your life, this episode is for you.


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