46 | Inclusivity, Representation, + Empowerment with Chrissy King

46 | Inclusivity, Representation, + Empowerment with Chrissy King | SHE THRIVES RADIO

If you Google “fit woman” or “yoga” or “healthy living”, you are almost guaranteed to get a slew of search results that all depict the exact. same. person.

White, young, thin, and wealthy.

This is a MAJOR problem, and one that strength coach and writer Chrissy King is helping address through her work, which is designed to help women of ALL shapes, sizes, colors, socioeconomic backgrounds, races, sexual orientations and ability take up space in ways that are meaningful for them.

If you are a business owner, coach, industry leader, a casual gym goer, or anything in between, this episode is a must listen.

We are discussing why “empowerment” isn’t empowering if it’s only speaking to one type of person, and how each of us can begin to make the fitness space more inclusive for all communities, especially those that have been historically marginalized.

It can be uncomfortable to address, but we all benefit from this important work— in the wellness space and beyond.

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